Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week half over

The weeks are flying by.
Today is our cousin's birthday and HG made special videos.
I will have to try and post those from my cell.
Being October 3 means Harper has less than 10 days and she will be one.
She does not seem like a one year old.
I need her to stay this size forever.
Seriously, forever.
We will celebrate with family and a handful of friends.
Small is what I was thinking.

Monday greeted us with Harper's ENT appointment about the hematoma or hemangioma.
One look, she as 100% it was a blood clot and an awfully big one for such a small child.
Two things are possible.
She had had it in her sinuses and it was blocking the tear duct from its size.
If this is the scenario then we have no idea how long she has had it, possibly before birth.
They were watching us like a hawk for blood clots.
All doctors believe Harper carries my genetic clotting disorder.
The other scenario is that it is a result from all her eye surgeries or an injury.
The Zyrtec helped dry her up and push the blood clot out of her nose.
However it happened or whatever caused it, I am FOREVER thankful that is came out.
That she forcefully sneezed a massive blood clot out of a tiny hole.
If it would have gone the other way, it could have been deadly.
Friday afternoon we should have a game plan.
Our ENT is looking at our CAT Scan of Harper's head hoping it shows some of her sinuses.
If not then we will have to have some Xrays and a CAT Scan done stat.

I needed some plain and simple cake stands so I whipped these up quickly.
Thanks for introducing me to E6000 Nicolle!

Lots of outdoor activities this time of year.
I love it!

Baby girl making some asparagus.
Holy glasses Batman!
Our wedding glasses are finally out of boxes!
First time since I boxed them up for our move to Tulsa in May 2009.
Harper is such a dare devil.
Skinny Mini!
Pretty little girl enjoying outside cooler temps.

Harper picked up a bee on Sunday evening.
Luckily, it was already dead (we think!)  but it still stung her.
Brownie sundae with Daddy.
We finally packed up our apartment stuff and pulled out the Jamie Oliver for every day stuff.
I still eat off of our Spode most days but it is nice to have the JO out of the box.
Don't all Southern girls eat off China?
Zyrtec is in full force at our house and my throat is finally hurting again.
Hopefully the neti pot and a little salt water will kick it in the butt.
The Fair started last Friday and HG is about to pass out to go.
The husband would like to go this weekend.
The weather would be perfect, I am not sold on this weekend.
I would like to go at 2 or 3 on a week day.
Or a random Tuesday night.
Weekends are SO busy.
Crowds with kids isn't always my favorite.
But if that is all we can get from the husband, we will be thankful for fair food and that we are able to go.

My sister who I speak of so often on here is in surgery this morning.
A prayer would be wonderful.
She is having her gall bladder removed hoping it will cure her high level of pain she has.
HG is all worked up that Auntie Collins is having her belly cut.
She might be in the hospital as well if she doesn't calm down.
Only joking of course
Well sort of.

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