Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Texas State Fair

Monday afternoon, the husband and I braved the fair. HG had asked many times to go and we finally gave in. Going around 2 has to be the perfect time. No lines or crowds! Turkey legs, Fletcher's corn dogs, ice cream, games and rides. It was fun but a lot of work. Our double stroller bit the dust by the time we arrived home. It only stayed on the curb for a few minutes before someone grabbed it up. Good luck to them! Harper needs a harness to keep her in and not just the leg straps. Baby girl was all over the place.

Monday was followed by an early Tuesday. Breakfast of Dunkin Dounuts ( wasn't my favorite pumpkin latte), school, one year check up, errands, school pick up, grocery shopping, etc. It was five before we made it home. Everyone was exhausted.

Harper finally hit the 20 pound mark again. I'm sure the massive pee she took in her diaper helped her be 20 pounds even. The nurse laughed because I asked if I needed to change her before and we agreed the extra weight probably helped. This is a pound and a half smaller than HG at a year and a few inches. Harper was 28 1/2 inches yesterday. She is so petite and cute! Everything else looked good. We have a month from today to reach her actual due date but she met all one year goals. Screaming Elmo and pointing at a Princess canvas saying Hailey impressed all. Trying to get her to eat or sleep are different stories though. She also growled at everyone and then would crack herself up. Goodness! With any check up at this age comes shots. Oh the dreaded shots! Harper's legs look pathetic. Five shots. Yes, five! Her four normal ones and the first part of the flu. The only new one was a pneumococcal/upper respiratory one. Too bad she didn't have this last year with the croup, RSV and many chest colds. No reaction so far, only a fever which is typical of shots. Or teething. Or with a sinus infection. So... With all of the above, I have no idea which is causing the fever. She is in a good mood today so I am betting she is on the mend from shots. Yesterday, now that was a different story.

HG has been sleeping for 14 hours, I feel like I need to get her up but am going to let her sleep. She was worn out!

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