Monday, October 8, 2012

Cold weekend!

I woke up this morning and decided that I MUST get busy with Harper's birthday party.
It is SO not like me not to have everything done weeks before.
I ordered cupcakes today.
So no, they won't be fancy and no I won't be making them like I had planned weeks ago.
My week, my word it is going to fly by.
The mason jars are out, only 12 of them but that will do.
HG and I wrapped water bottles today, 34 I believe.
We got the kid juice boxes ready in a box for easy grab.
Then we wrapped rice krispies.
Yes, totally crazy but they turned out cute and good for all ages.
I think I might need a to do list.
We aren't having a lot of food, mainly sweets, dips and lots of out door crafts.

HG managed to talk me into hanging her name on the wall.
These were above her crib and I had planned on giving them away.
Oh lawd, did that ever cause a hissy fit.
The name isn't perfectly hung but it is perfect because she proudly helped with each name.
See the picture above her bed, that was HG just a few days old.

So excited for Harper to open her birthday gift from HG.
Elmo pajamas that she picked out months ago.
She just knows Harper will freak.
I'm pretty sure she is right.

Oh my precious little growing gal.
She went on a father daughter double date with the Holcombe family.
I hear the girls were quite entertaining.
They love each other.

It is great that she is old enough and wants to help.
Sometimes the help is a little much.
But when I had to print, stuff, address and label 90+ shower invitations and 15 Bach party invitations, she was eager to help.
We worked as a team and sang songs.
Johnny Appleseed mostly.

Harper road in a big girl seat when we ran down the street.
Sometimes we just run to Kroger like this and the girls get to see each other better.
I thought she would enjoy facing forward but she yells.
The rice krispies we wrapped.
It was a game to Harper.
I know I posted one of these but the melt my heart.
Love these girls.
HG tells me that it would be so quiet and she would get everything she wanted without a baby sister.
Then she says but it is more fun having a baby sister, I'm just glad it isn't a smelly boy because I couldn't snuggle with a boy.
Oh what goes through the mind of a four year old.
The other day, she told me she was marrying Riler so she and Kalli could be sisters.
Kalli is welcoming a baby brother this winter and HG took it upon herself to figure out how Kalli could get a sister.
My girl, she is flashy.
We had to buy these in the big girls section at Target.
Size 13.

Last week, HG was having a big tooth ache.
As in not eating dinner one night.
So the next day, I picked her up from school early and off we went.
No cavities thank goodness.
The husband and I don't have any either but I was a nervous wreck.
I brush, she brushes, I brush but I was still a wreck.
Her permanent tooth is pressing directly under two teeth.
The dentist thinks that it might have just positioned itself there and sitting on a nerve.
She seems to be better this week and hasn't really complained.
I sure hope it settles because she won't be loosing that tooth until 6-8 years old.
I love school work.
I think she has seen me to this one too many times.
Saturday we headed to Harper's 2nd Birthday and there was a baby pot belly pig.
Such a fun party.
Also, while we were at this party our good friends were at a funeral.
Cristin and Joey drove in late Friday night after their cousin passed away from West Nile.
He had been doing much better and expected a good recovery.
He had been moved to a rehab hospital after being in ICU since June.
My heart and head hurts for them.
Many prayers are going out to them during this difficult time.

Another devastating event took place this weekend.
You can read it here.
Matt Turner was a familiar face in Arkansas and many of us followed his wife Julee's blog.
This is something I just can't get out of my mind.
Something that truly rips my heart in two.
Something that makes you want to hug and love on everyone you see to assure them just how much you love them.

The air show was out at Alliance this weekend.
We had planned on going for a bit Saturday but with Birthday parties, friends in and trying to keep Harper clear it didn't work out.
After lunch at Babe's we headed to the back side of Alliance and had great views.
Harper stayed nice and warm sleeping in her carseat.
The planes sounded like bombs going off flying so low over us.
HG enjoyed every single minute of it.

Tomorrow, the husband and I were finally getting time away.
Of course, something came up.
His work.
I was so excited.
We had a few things to do and then we were meeting up with two other couples for dinner.
You know when you get so excited about something and it all just crumbles.
Yep, that was totally my mood tonight too.

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  1. It was SO cold last weekend!

    I love HG's purple boots. Fancy!

    Did you order the cupcakes from the place in Keller? The name has slipped my mind suddenly.

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! :)