Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oh Hailey Grace, you are 100% a mini momma.
You love and care about others so much that it hurts.
You have an attitude that makes us butt heads sometimes.
You have an amazing heart.
You want to fix everything and everyone.
You can't stand people being mean to others.
You don't understand why everyone doesn't have food and you want to make chicken for the world.
Pink cupcakes too.
When I pick you up from school, you always tell me who was nice and who wasn't.
Then we pray for those who weren't.
It is her way of being okay with not everyone being nice.
You aim to please your friends.
You are more Godly that you know.
You are our life.
Daddy is slowly becoming your favorite person ever.
You are obsessed with messing up his office and stealing his markers.
It drives him nuts and you just dance your way out.

Oh Hailey Grace, you will never know just how much we love you!

1 comment:

  1. HG is so beautiful. I love these pictures. I love how you described her as a mini momma. I can see that in her. She is so sweet!