Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mia's birthday

Today is Mia's birthday and HG is highly upset we aren't in Little Rock.
She wants to get in car right now and drive.
Little does she remember, it is a long drive.
Happy Birthday Mia!
Harper looks so big in the chair and so tiny in the dishwasher.
Girl crashed, she was sleepy!


Less than $5 for all of this at the Hostess outlet.
The donuts for 2/$1, how on earth could I say no?
Elmo pajamas and her Elmo baby.
Yesterday afternoon, we headed for cupcakes.
I had been wanting to try the caramel apple one for a while.
Oh my word good.
HG, yeah she took two bites of the icing and trashed her cupcake.
Everyone needs an Ariel pumpkin
Sleeping next to Mommy is the best thing in the world.
Sounds like flu season has hit early.
In HG's class.
Tomorrow, HG will get her flu mist rather than waiting until November..
Lets keep our fingers crossed that we got lucky this go round.
She ran fever yesterday so she couldn't attend dance or school.
Today, she seems fine but snotty nose and her congested cough is back.
I think every kid has that right now in North Tarrant County.
For now, we are sticking around the house doing laundry.
Working on our calendar through January.
Can you believe I just said January?
It is wild how fast we book up our weekends.

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