Sunday, October 14, 2012

Harper's First Birthday

For Harper's First Birthday, we decided to do a pumpkin painting party,.
First Birthdays are always so special, such a big year.
We had family and friends drive long distance to share our joy.
Thank you for everyone who came out to celebrate and brave the weather.
Thank you rain for waiting until midnight to produce a strong storm that made my babies sleep.
Harper was still asleep at 9:15 this morning.
13 hours.
Maybe she needs to have a party every day!
Only joking of course.

We are always sad when family has to leave.
Wouldn't it be great if we all lived on the same town?
Or at least area?
The three precious girls below would have sleep overs all the time.
Popcorn and Cinderella in my bed.

Wonderful birthday celebration for our sweet Harper Love.

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  1. Great pictures, and such a sweet party. Thanks again for inviting us! Boyd had a ball. You put a party together so well, everything was so cute!