Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend wrap up

I was just folding towels and Harper was being far too quiet. She took off all her clothes, headed up the stairs (she mastered these long ago) and was doing yoga at the top of the stairs. This to her was the funniest thing ever when I asked her what on earth she was doing. A simple reply that she was doing yoga then bursting into laugher. Oh this girl has such a funny personality!

Things have been fun and exciting this past weekend.

I had my weekly ultrasound and doctor appointment on Friday rather than Thursday due to school Halloween events. I must say that Fridays at noon are the best time to go but I tend to lack child care on Fridays. Everything was great, still sitting really low, fluid is holding strong and cervix is good. Next week, we are back to Thursday mornings while the girls are in school. This week, the husband's mom came to the rescue for him. He forgot about a meeting he couldn't miss in Dallas that Friday and he had already agreed to daddy duty for an hour. Luckily, his mom was able to let him drop them off on his way through and I grabbed them a couple hours later allowing her to rush out for work. Thanks for saving the day and my sanity because taking them to the doctor with me isn't exactly the most pleasant thing. How to you explain cervical checks to a 2 and a 5 year old? Yep, would rather not have that conversation anytime soon.

Saturday, we met Poppy for lunch at Snuffer's in town square. He had been in town for a couple of days so the girls were eager to see him. Loaded fries from Snuffer's always puts me into a food coma for a bit. Harper decided it was nap time the second we got back in the car and Poppy took HG with him back to our house. The husband and I braved Sam's to see Christmas items and grab some wine for a party later that evening. Yep, I did my yearly Sam's trip. I was very under impressed at the selection they had, the cleanliness of the store and the amount of rude people. Wow. This trip made us realize why we joined Costco and the Sam's was in a nice area. Shame shame.

Saturday evening, we were part of something very special. We showed up to a birthday party for a dear friend and it turned out that her boyfriend was engaging to her with all of us there. So amazing! I think it was one of the sweetest engagements I've ever been a part of . They have been together for 5 years, have the sweetest 3 year old on the planet and now get to plan their wedding. We couldn't be more thrilled for them. They are Meghan's brother and sister in law so naturally, she went over and beyond with all the setting up and still managed to look like she just walked out of the spa. I need to learn that secret. :)

Late night, the husband decided enough with my cell phone. It had never been updated. Ever. Well, it is now! Hours of work, a few major updates, it is now back in business. My 2486 pictures are safely on his computer and I can now take pictures without IG. Nice, it is the little things in life. Unfortunately, the update caused me not to be able to make or receive calls until the phone company worked on it today. Proud to say we are all back in action, even the girls are making calls.

As some might have seen on FB, we took family pictures in the Magnolia historic district in Fort Worth last night with Heidi. The girls wore the most adorable dresses and we did our best to coordinate with our colors. The pictures are always so cute and we are SO THANKFUL the husband FINALLY jumped on board with the need for pictures. :) Harper wanted to wear her rain boots instead of cowgirl boots so she hid them somewhere. We searched and searched only to give in to her wearing beige uggs. Silly thing! Dinner followed at Papa's Burgers with everyone and the girls were so terribly sad to see Heidi and her crew head home. Harper chanted her name over and over. Sweetness! The husband and I were impressed with our 1/2 pound burgers and the very kid friendly atmosphere at Papa's Burgers.

We were greeted with rain, cooler weather and gloomy skies today. Besides swim (where Harper had a MAJOR melt down) and a coffee run, we have been inside. Hopefully it will help with keeping allergies under control with the latest front. We must stay well, lots of fun things planned for November.

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