Sunday, February 9, 2014

Picture overload and things lately

Things lately have been running nicely for the most part.
It has just been the 5 of us since the mother in law helped on Tuesday evening.
I was pretty sore and hurting Saturday but feeling a little better today.  I felt great the first 2 weeks so bound to have a week where I am just sore and not feeling too hot. 
A sweet friend brought slow cooker chicken and dumplings, beer bread, treats and a few other goodies on Friday morning.  The chicken an dumplings were amazing as well as the beer bread.  I've had a lot of beer bread and made a lot but nothing compares to the moistness of this one. I may or may not have eaten 3/4 of the massive loaf.  Not the ideal thing to do after a surgery. :)

Harper has been having major mommy moments but we're trucking through them.
She is stuffy, coughing and one of her ears is still nasty so I hope that is all the middle of the night crying and only mommy can help for an hour stuff is.  We've been dealing with it for a week or so now, each night and pretty close to an hour.  Possibly changing antibiotics tomorrow or heading back in to one of the doctors.  She can't be sick, running a fever, have breathing issues, etc for her sinus surgery in less than 4 weeks.  If she is then we have to reschedule everything , start the approval process again and deal with more sickness/ear aches/antibiotics.  We are missing our friends and can't wait to be around everyone again. :)

HG goes stir crazy on the weekends since we can't get out and play just yet, listening to us the the last thing on her agenda so we've tightened her leash quite a bit.   I remember going for her 2 year check up and was told just wait until she turns 5.  I thought to myself, no way. Yep, I was wrong, totally wrong.  She is so very helpful with Hudson though and always wants to help hold, bathe or dress him.  She is one proud big sister.  Last night, she even helped me cook rice, asparagus, and corn bread as I was worn out physically.  My back almost gave out and she stepped up helping each step of the way. 

Hudson is doing great.  He still has his days and night mixed up but we will work on that harder in a week or two.  Right now, we are nursing on demand and letting him sleep as needed.  He seriously sleeps ALL day long, all day.  Once he gets closer to a month, we will hopefully be back on regular days and nights. Last night, he was up from 2:30-3:30, Harper from 3:30-4:15 and Hudson was back up by 5:15. It makes for little sleep but I try to sleep from 11:30-1:30/2:30 depending on his schedule and then we sleep until the alarm goes off on weekdays after his 5:15-5:30 nurse.  This morning, we slept until 8:50 after the last nurse.  Weekdays, I get up and help with girls before school and baby sitter.   Tuesday, we go for blood work and do a weight check so we will all be off extra early. I am eager to see what he is weighing in at.  The appointment is in Grapevine and the girl's school is as well so we try and schedule all his appointments close to drop off time.  This way, the husband is not in the car all day long.  Makes for a happier husband I've learned.

Now for picture overload

The snow was so pretty and yet so troublesome.
1709/Southlake Blvd was not a pretty road to be on.

If this castle makes the move, it will be a miracle.

Hudson will out grow his big sister soon. :)

The girls love him wrapped in pink, so funny.

Both girls at 27 months

Celebrating the potty.
Her antibiotics can make for bad belly issues even with probiotics so we really have to watch her right now.
Reason why all their bath toys just came out of the dishwasher.
Beef Stew is thawing out for the slow cooker as well as Pork Carnitas.
We will put the beef stew early tomorrow with hopes of it being ready around lunch.
Beef Stew over corn bread, yum.
Pork Carnitas will then follow in the large slow cooker for dinner tomorrow night. 
This makes meal times so much easier and I am not trying to cook big meals just yet.

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