Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cheese bread

We are determined that Hudson will always take a bottle when needed. :)


Snuggling on Daddy's birthday.

These girls were buddies as babies, both have lived in various and luckily are both living in the same are for a few months. So fun to see them play, they were so calm and natural.
Big girls with their little sisters , the next picture will have TWO little ones.

The girls scored a few new things at Target recently. I was so thankful that the items for HG were not hoochie. The outfits can go from sweet to revealing in a matter of one size. HG is wearing 7/8 for length, she is tall. Harper's 3t jeggings are great for length but rolled at waist for her skinny self, all 27.2 pounds of herself. Yes, you read that correctly, she is gaining!!

Chunk a chunk of burnin' love....
(Chunk fits better for his eating habits lately)
He loves looking around in his crib....not sure what all he can exactly see yet.
Loving the light.

Everyone needs this candle. Everyone.
4 weeks old!
Little brother outfit, thanks Nicolle!
Ice cream date and I get this.

Down to one more week of blood thinners.
For some reason they are getting worse and burning so much more.
After the doctor finding the blood clot in my uterus, I will take each and every last one of them as a precaution.

The husband and I recently made this bread.
Of course I would take a picture of the bottom rather than the top because that was how he was holing it.
I'm telling y'all, these were great.  It tasted a lot of pizza bread.
Went perfect with our spaghetti and lasanga dinners.
I was sitting on the bed and Harper walked past like this.
She is a hoot.
HG washed the potatoes, poked holes and was about to cook them.

Harper was in charge of putting the asparagus on the baking sheet.
One of HG's daily afternoon snack choices.
These are her favorite snacks along with popcorn.

The most annoying game ever.
Of course it is Harper's favorite and she loves changing the poo poo diaper on the game.
She only also chooses the non white babies.
Momma, I no  like white babies.

Poor Hudson, he hated this hate but had to snap a picture for Grandmommy.

One afternoon outside.

See, she wants to change all diapers and gets so mad when there is no poop.
Night time colic, over feeding, gas, belly issues had the entire family up over the last week.
Harper though, got to sleep in Mommy's bed which rarely ever happens.
HG on the other hand, we can't keep her out of our bed.
I told her that if she had a big room in Indy, she could just have our bed if she would sleep in it.
The Mamaroo, we are still trying to decide on this.  I think if you had it from day 1, it would be an amazing investment.  Starting at 11 pounds and week 5, we are still debating it.
Bright flash from the camera phone and the girls eating chocolate donuts without him.

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  1. He's so sweet and so perfect!
    You look gorgeous in yellow!
    I've seen that Volcano candle but have never splurged on it. I am going to put it on my list now. :)