Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First weekend as a family of 5

We just finished up our first weekend as a family of five outside of the hospital.
The girls, they are adjusting much better than we could have hoped for.
HG is the baby holder and Harper is the diaper changer helper.
HG would hold Hudson forever and just smell his head.
I think she was too young to remember the baby smell from Harper.

We had lots of extra hands and help around here this past week.
My mom (Mia as the girls call her)  drove over as soon as I told her we were headed to the hospital and stayed until lunch yesterday.  We are super thankful for all her help. The girls worship and love her.  We called her the baby whisper because she could hold Hudson for hours and he wouldn't make a sound.  Someone would take him, including myself, and he would jabber away or make all kinds of grunting noises.  She also fed us, did laundry, carried the baby up and down the stairs for me, dried the girls hair we have a thing with girls going to bed with wet hair, drove the girls around to their needed places, and various other things I know I am forgetting.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate everything you did for us making this transition much easier.

My MIL kept the girls for a little while on Friday since our sitter was closed allowing us adults a little quiet time and time to prepare for the weekend. Really, us adults laid on the couch, ate fried chicken and washed clothes.  She brought the girls home and was able to see Hudson as she wasn't able to spend much time in the hospital seeing him.  He is still in his sleepy except during the middle of the night, oh so cuddly stage right now so everyone loves loving on him.  Luckily, she will be able to see him again this afternoon and will probably only have to fight HG to hold him. :)

Another weekend treat was a visit from Aunt Tonia and Cousin Carly.  They even came with gifts for us!  We love them beyond words and Harper is not happy they had to go home. Pissed to be exact and has shed tears. The drive isn't exactly short but luckily until Dallas, it is pretty easy to drive it.  The girls were beyond thrilled when the famous Aunt Tonia pulled up.  If you hear Harper talk about her, you would think she was the most famous movie star in the world.  Harper thinks she is the best thing on earth.  They were able to stay until Monday before having to head home.  While Harper would have jumped in the car and waved us good bye, we aren't supposed to let her out of DFW until her sinus surgery and tube replacement.  I guess each area has different allergies and we are trying to keep her as well as we can.  Sometimes I think heading out of DFW and staying clear of East Texas would help her a lot.  Anyways, we LOVED having Aunt Tonia and Carly here visiting with us and helping with the little ones. We can not wait until they come back or we can go see their new house. 

Harper's hair is a little different than mine or Hailey Grace's.
It was looking rough.
Poppy and Danielle came by for lunch on Sunday and Harper got a trim.
Danielle cut Harper's hair so that it will grow evenly and a little quicker.
Thank you Danielle!
Poppy started feeling terrible when out here even though he had finished a Z Pack so they couldn't stay long. He needed to rest and we can't have any sickness coming into our house right now.  Hopefully they will be back soon when he is better because he wasn't able to hold Hudson or cuddle with him. Everyone loves cuddling with babies.  Luckily, he headed back to the doctor and was indeed still sick. Prayers for his quick recovery are appreciated.  Many people are being hospitalized and I think if he would have waited a day or two, he would have been too.

Side view

She was so excited.

Baby love

She has been watching TV in this thing, she has always loved it.
I am hoping we can get Hudson to eventually enjoy it.
Harper slept in it each day for 9 months because of her reflux.

Resting in Harper's bed before I attempted our bed.

Such a good baby holder.

Her set up for tv.
Our house, poor thing, it will be a wreck until I am released 6-8 weeks after delivery.
I start to pick up a few things or help with laundry and quickly over do it.
Being on my 3rd C Section, I know resting and taking it easy will pay off in the long rung.
Anything to prevent a 12 week recovery this time, I am not sure how we would manage with the husband's travel.

Hudson nursed on both sides one night and was still wanting to nurse.  I pulled out a gentlease bottle and gave him an ounce.  He slept, no noise slept, for 3 1/2 hours. He will go 3 hours during the day between nursing but really likes 2 hours right now during the 11:30-3:30/5:30 time frame over night.  I am sure it will change again in a few days.
Having her yogurt and fruit not touching anything else on her plate of course.

Uncle Mark came to visit and meet Hudson on Sunday for the Super Bowl.
The girls were so giddy as he knocked on the door and ran to greet him.
We weren't ideal girls to hang out with, Harper woke from her nap feeling rough, but we always love him coming to stay with us. 
Harper calls him Marky Mark even when we try and correct her.  She has started calling her milk milky milk and a few other things the same. 
Harper started throwing up around midnight Sunday into Monday so I had to call on the husband to help while he was still visiting.
We were 90% sure it was her ears as she had a low grade fever and both ears were infected.
But the other 10% had me praying that was it and she wasn't sitting in every one's lap just hours earlier with something more.
A bath, zofran, ear drops and tylenol got us until the doctor's office opened the next morning.
Our intuition was correct, double ear infections.  Her right one, the blown tube is still stuck in fluid unable to fall out of the ear canal.  It has been like this for 3 months.  The left one that still had the tube in place just two weeks ago was now leaking, bleeding and full of fluid.  She said that the leaking is a sign that when the ear ache began, the tube was still in place.  Now with it being so infected and she being unable to see the tube, it might have come out and the reason why it hit so hard and fast.  Poor Harper, she was off antibiotics for almost 2 full weeks until this.  WE CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL MARCH 7.  Thankfully it is just her ears for now. Hoping we can keep her nose and chest clear with the amount of fluid on her poor ears.
Poor girl did not look good at all yesterday but manged to perk up after a 4 hour nap.
Ear infections just suck all around.
This would be after all her medicine and a small thing of french fries and raspberries.
When your kids refuse to eat, some times you just give them anything they request.
At one point, she was putting the raspberry on the end of her french fry eating it all together.

Diaper duty at our house last night.
Love cuddling with this baby boy.

My birthday present from Mom,
I LOVE Frye boots and have been looking at these for a while.
I wanted something simple and classic, something that would last
and not go out of style next year.
These are perfect.

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