Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sweetheart Dance 2014

Friday night was the Sweetheart Dance for our school and church. This is a father/grandfather and daughter dance so both girls were thrilled to go. It has improved so much over the years and the crowd has grown larger. This year was extra special as Grandaddy joined them. Harper kept telling us how much she loves Grandaddy.

Harper's dress might have been a little too small, as in the buttons didn't want to button. She also picked out her panty hose and shoes. The hose were a size 2-4 so too large and the shoes too small. She is a hot mess!  HG of course loves the dress she wore and was eager to get there to see friends.

You can almost feel the excitement in HG's smile.

Typical Harper. She always leans on people and things then crashes to the ground.

Since this post is about sweethearts, I had to share these cards. The girls love mail and squealed with excitement as they opened these cards. Heidi made them from her boys to the girls. Hands down, the cutest cards ever. Ever. 

So happy Grandaddy and Daddy took them to the dance this year!!

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  1. oh i LOVE this post! And I love HG's smile when she got her flowers <3 Harper had me giggling the whole time- FULL of personality!