Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Our sweet things have been a complete mess this week. Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday. Whew. I was in bed exhausted by 8 tonight while the husband took over putting Harper to sleep. Almost an hour later, I still hear her on the monitor.  But, they are still adorable and we are incredibly blessed by them.

Sunday helping Poppy load his trailer moving out of the condo.

He looks massive in this picture.
That seat is sooooo heavy, I think we will be putting the lighter one in my car soon.
Soooo heavy!

Self shots.
Look closely and you will notice her sweater is on backwards.
Nursing her baby of course.

Tomorrow is a big day for Harper. She begins allergy and immune system testing to see if we can figure out why chronic sinus, allergy and ear infections. Once we can pinpoint some possible issues, I pray she gets some relief. I pray every day for this. Every single day. Our ENT said when you have sinus issues or drainage, you don't feel well and don't eat as much. I know when allergies hit me or I get a sinus infection, eating isn't always top on my list. I can't taste food like normal. Harper has never enjoyed food, ever.  She has had chronic sinus, allergy and ear issues since 4 months old.  She loved breast milk and actually chugged a bottle of Hudson's the other day like it was nothing. She asked for more. Not sure if I should have been upset or relieved, either way she got 7 ounces of goodness in her system.  I work so hard to get her to eat, everyone else in our family eats so well. HG asked for carrots, bell peppers, sliced Colby cheese and asparagus for dinner tonight. Harper had some Greek yogurt and fruit.  Then she threw up some of the yogurt since there is dairy in it. 

The Furbling makes him so serious. 
She is so proud of Tiana. Aunt Susie sent she and HG a gift card to Target recently. Harper picked out Tiana and HG a Tangled play set. Thank you Aunt Susie!!!

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