Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another day, another potty

She picked out her outfit for the doctor today. Of course it didn't last.
Next outfit was ruined by falling in the potty and it just wasn't pee. Another day, another potty. 
So then the people shopping at Target acted like they've never seen a naked ( in panties and boots of course ) kid before. It was raining and I wasn't running to the car for another outfit. She happily picked out a pair of soft denim shorts and a pink top . Girl can't wear anything tight on her belly.
Upon arrival at Target, juice, popcorn and a squeeze pouch were a must. We went straight from her doctor appointment to a blood lab where they drew 8 vials of blood. They were the same ones you or I would use. Hence the weakness, the falling in the potty and needing sugar stat.  We will hear back from Specislist in 2 weeks as we finish our 3 week round if antibiotics and visit our ENT as well.

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