Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cold on the field

Sometimes he just gets too tuckered out and crashes.
It isn't exacty quiet around our house very often,
Love his little monkey butt.
Harper is a mess and can make quite the mess.
She loves wearing panties with lace around the legs.
My sister and I used to throw such fits because all we wanted was character panties.
Here Harper is with baskets of character panties and she wants to wear the lace ones.
Too funny.
She also likes to wear a few pairs.
So if you see lace hanging out the bottom and Minnie, Elmo, Princess or Spiderman hanging out the top, don't be surprised.
Big girl has woken up dry 3 days in a row, including one 13 1/2 hour stretch.
I will still make her wear something over night for a while, washing her sheets daily isn't ideal.
Poor baby brother.

He has learned to turn it on.
Turn it off.
And turn it back on.
Yes, he already has us all wrapped around his little finger.
Even with HG's game being at 11:30, it was still pretty cold.
Hudson stayed warm in his carseat, sweater outfit that I purchased for next fall in a 6-12 month and fleece blanket.
The outfit fit him perfectly so no chances of it fitting in the fall.
Luckily, I have a nephew on the way.
Harper and I snuggled under blankets while she watched Doc and Sophia on my cell.

She brought her milk and second breakfast to the game.
Cheering on the players.
Don't you just love her jacket, it is amazing.
I'm still having a hard time taking in that April is here.
Our house is slowly coming along in preparations to list.
How on earth will I manage to keep clean?
We have boxed up a lot but need more boxes.
The moving company will box us but rooms like the office will have to be boxed before showings.
And all the damn toys everywhere.
Wish us luck.

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