Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pictures of Hudson

Hudson had his follow up appointment for his ear ache, eye junk (thanks to an ear ache and snuffy nose) and his stuffiness. Our Pedi says he looked wonderful, ear healed and the stuffiness that remains is probably from the crazy weather.  Or the girls not leaving him alone. 

He is such a little stud.
Loves bring held.

Hanging out with Momma while momma had to get stuff done. 
Hudson in his adorable Easter bunny outfit. Big boy weighed in at 15 pounds on Monday. 
Then in a matter of minutes, he was jolted from peaceful sleep to 2 month shots and an oral vaccine. He did fairly well, cried big tears but once he was able to snuggle and nurse, he was his happy self. The girls were thrilled over his big boy band aids.
The shots however tuckered him out.
Big sister feeding pumped milk and he was chugging it.
He has the funniest expressions.
Loves to raise his brows.
And smiiiiiiiiiile. He loves to smile.
Then go serious when you ask him a question or have food. 
Sweet baby boy!!!

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