Monday, April 14, 2014


Little man looking so big hanging out on HG's bed.
We've had a lot of burgers recently comparing burgers. 
Heidi took great pictures once again of the kids. Lucky for us, they really enjoy her and will some what look at the camera.

We can't wait to see the rest. 
Oh we are having too much fun with baby boy.
Napping while cruising in Sam's, Costco getting a cap nay before we met the husbands's parents for lunch.  Hudson was full of smiles for them.
The husband and I bought 12 months for our 2 month old. No, he isn't wearing 12 months yet but pretty dang close.  I love Carter's for a day at home, in the yard, lake days or park play dates. Their 12 months along with Polo, begin around 20 pounds and yeah, baby boy likes to grub. Both girls were 20 pounds pretty quickly and then began to level out.  We spent some of today making sure all the 9 month clothing was washed and hung up.  I had to tug a little on a 6 month play outfit this morning.  Of course brands run different so not all items in his closet are huge. He still has plenty of 6 month clothes hanging. 
Her new panties were washing. She watched for 30 minutes. Girl loves panties, loves them.

Soccer was warm, Hudson hated this hat.
HG had a rock star game, the entire side lines were cheering for her. Oh my goodness, my heart just about leaped out of my body.
Harper and I munching. The sun was out but the wind was brutal. 
The girls won't leave him alone.
Poor Hudson!
Just a minute before the girls.
Of course, my floors were clean.
I am really enjoying some of the girls new vitamins and supplements. The above is their greens supplement. I don't worry about HG getting her greens since we fly through things like asparagus, bell peppers and celery. Harper, yeah she just doesn't eat so after talking with a couple of doctors, we switched up vitamins and other supplements like her probiotics.
Jessica and Jason braved dinner with us and the Holcombe's, a total of 7 kids of various ages in tow. We were skeptical as to how long our kids would last since it was a I'm not going to nap kind of day. A pleasant surprise, we all had fun and enjoyed ourselves until past bedtimes.
Airport runs, rain, Palm Sunday, toy messes, carpet steamed cleaned and day to day activities caused us a late start on dinner. That in turn turned into late bath then late drying the girls hair. You get the idea, everything was way behind tonight. By the time baths were done, teeth brushed, hair dried, kids clothed, and in bed, it was almost 10. Almost 10 and I am really quick.  Harper was still doing yoga at 10:20 but hoping she gives up soon.
I do however love a clean baby.
And clean big girls.
This is my project tomorrow.
From upstairs to the garage.
I might not get it all accomplished tomorrow.
Toys, DVDs, too small clothes, blankets, etc all boxed.
We've known we would move since Chris started his job four years ago. We were told various places and time frames over the years. Still we always knew that we would move but just didn't know when and where. After all the waiting, worrying, husband traveling, the time has come. We are just about ready to list our house and head up north. Of course it is bitter sweet for us. This opportunity has already been more than we could have ever hoped for.  While the location wasn't our first choice, it is the best choice for us and the husband's rapidly growing career. 

A friend from high school's son was killed instantly over the weekend in an ATV accident. He was 12. Please keep them in your prayers as they try and face today . This is a loss that shouldn't happen. Parents shouldn't have to say goodbye to their children. 

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