Friday, April 4, 2014

Jumpstreet with friends

Last night we lived life on the wild side and stayed out late.
As in still sitting down at dinner with friends after 7:30.
We've pretty much turned into home bodies so it was a fun change of schedule for the kids.

We met Heidi and her boys at Jump Street in Colleyville after school.
This place was a little different than our traditional trampoline park we go to but worked out great.
The 7 and under area is completely separate from the rest of the trampolines.
There was 3 tramps connected and a bounce house to play in.
While the kids wanted to roam and jump elsewhere, I enjoyed them being away from adults and older kids jumping. 
Plus, this place was so quiet except for our loud kids the whole time we were there which is night and day from the place we typically jump.

The kids jumped and jumped.

Poor Hudson just wanted a nap and to be held.

Sweet kids.
McAlister's is next door so we trotted over after exhausting the kids.
Once the lighting began shortly before 8, everyone rushed to the cars and buckled up for a wild ride home.
Wind, heavy rain, flooded streets and small hail greeted us on our drive home.
By the time I got each kid in, the husband's dinner and the diaper bag, I looked like I had just taken a swim in my clothes. Of course the girls were screaming there was a tornado coming and when our lights went out, sheer panic flooded their body.
Luckily, it passed without damage in our neighborhood.  More than I can say about my dad's house and land, his was struck by lighting and has quite a bit of work to get things fixed.  So scary and so thankful he wasn't hurt.
The clouds were so low driving home.  This is a few miles from our house.  By the time we arrived home, it was jet black out until the storm passed.

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