Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last BBQ and a few things

We had our last and final BBQ at our house here in Texas. It was very bittersweet for us. Yes, we are very excited about our new adventure and Chris being home more often but SO VERY SAD about leaving our dear friends and family.
We had 52 adults and kids in and out during our BBQ from 5-9. Our backyard isn't the biggest and when you add a bounce house and two tents, it gets tight. Over all, it was a success and wonderful seeing so many before we make our move before June ends. 

Kids were exhausted after our weekend.
Momma too.
Hudson I know is fighting another ear ache.

HG got her own home pedicure.
I see a lot of feet rubbing and painting over the summer.
Big boy moved from a little rice and apples to avocados tonight. They were a hit with him and he was sucking on his bib trying to get extras. Score, the only one who doesn't eat avocados is Harper. She disliked them as a baby too. 
I feed them a lot like this. 
Swim camp daily is like a mad dash for swim lessons. I am sooooo for weekly swim lessons. 

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  1. I am so sorry that we missed this, but it looks like y'all had a great turnout. Can't wait to see you guys this coming week! xo