Monday, June 16, 2014

Friends, dates and Father's Day weekend

We've had some pretty good times around out house this weekend.
 Sunday night and everyone is exhausted, from our the fun and food we've had.

Thursday was Harper's last ENT appointment here in Texas and her 3rd round of Immune system testing,  Prayers that her WBC is back with in normal ranges or close to it.  She will have to see an ENT in Indiana and have her tonsils removed sooner than later but we are still holding off as long as we can.  While we were there, baby brother pooped up to his neck. There was so much of it that we ended up giving him a bath, changing clothes and wrapping stroller in a blanket until we could scrub at home.  Next, Harper was bouncing in a chair totally not supposed to do this, signs everywhere fell and busted her head/ear really bad.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs and not a single person that worked there checked on her.  I finally asked for ice and then they gave me attitude about having to do a report. Whatever, get me the damn ice. Luckily, it was our turn next.  Our ENT moved to Cooks and shares the office with Cooks Urgent and Speciality care so lots going on.

Baby TOMS, enough said.
She has been awake for just a few minutes on Friday morning but still had her bandaid on.
Yes, she slept in a dress.

Friday morning we met some super sweet friends at the Park.
They have the cutest tradition of cupcake Friday and surprised us with some yummy cupcakes.
Such a special treat.
Hailey Grace has told so many people about Boyd going to first grade in the fall, she thinks that is the coolest thing ever.

Precious little ones

Friday evening we had sushi and hung out with Jason and Jessica.
A of fun we had and the sushi was fantastic.
Grandmommy came out to see the kids that and our fantastic babysitter as well.

Saturday, Courtney returned to watch the kids and we headed to Outback with our good friends.
Meghan is 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and still stunning.
So sad I didn't get a picture of us.
Saturday was very low key and drinking tea at dinner followed by staying up until 3 in the morning watching a Netflix series. Stupid series but we keep watching it. How on earth does that make sense?

He grabbed Chris' wallet that was a scoots away then rolled on his back playing with it.
I watched in amazement, already scooting and so curious.

Hudson really digging the food.
He wears more of it than he swallows.
Still doesn't really like brown rice or oatmeal.
Loves apples (makes the whole house smell amazing when in crockpot),  bananas and avacodos.
Ended up liking carrots too.
We will probably stick to these few things another week or two.  I don't have time to cook or steam much with us moving out next week. 

Cat napping with baby Harper.

The girls dressed for Indy nights all day Saturday.
Harper even had a sweater on.

That is a new thing of shaving cream Harper said she cleaned the shower with.
What you don't see is the bottle of men's shampoo she also used.
Sunday morning, we headed to Kalli's 8th Birthday party.
We've rented this park out twice before and love it when it is rented out.

After the pool party, we headed over to the husband's parents house to celebrate.
We were just down the street and stopped for Spring Creek BBQ along the way.
We come in like a herd of castling praying nothing gets broken.
The girls run for dolls or toys and Hudson is typically ready to eat.
Never fails, every time we go over.
Being a ham.
After spending time in Irving, we headed home and Poppy came over.
Harper was screaming so loud it hurt my ears when he pulled up.
These girls get so excited when they see that little black jeep out front.
We are incredibly thankful we have seen him so much while living in Dallas.
Many months, 3 times a month or more.
This is another week that we will see him more than once and I've already asked that million dollar question what feels like a million times.
When is Poppy coming back?
You can see Harper's excitement here.

We dined at our little Mexican dive and spent time playing.

A week from today, the movers will begin packing unless they have to come sooner.
One week and the madness begins.  They are packing the kitchen and dining while I pack the rest.
I guess I should start packing huh?

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