Tuesday, June 10, 2014


As many of you know, we had big plans for Schlitterbahn and Seaworld along with visiting two of our best family friends. You know that last Texas vacation for quite some time.  Each one also happens to be Godparents to two of our children so it was an important trip. Not to mention we love them dearly. Sadly, we sat and watched the clock and the thermometer for days. Fevers broke, fevers returned. Rashes came, rashes disappeared. By the time everyone was well enough to embark on the much awaited Texas vacation, we were out of time. We would have one full day and two days of travel. Yeah, not so much fun with 3 kids in tow. Still no idea where Harper managed to pick this up, strep and lovely HFMD.  With no fevers or rashes in our crew, we headed to the Gaylord for a mini staycation. Harper was still low on energy but did amazingly well. While the husband and I have ventured out to the Gaylord too many times to count, we never stayed the night. Various reasons always sent us home. For starters, we lived less than 5 miles for 2 years and the girls attended preschool next door. So we made up our mind and decided that we would indeed all bunk up, in one hotel room, and have some fun. Our kids arent floor sleepers unless just for a night so a bed for them is a must. I still only got 4 hours which seems to me my norm the last 3 months.

We all enjoyed our mini staycation and wish we could pull off another mini trip before heading north. Way north. Maybe just staying in a hotel while we move out and host an engagement BBQ will work for the kids. :) The Gaylord has added a nice, big outside pool with lots of things to do. From the lazy river to the zip line and water slide, there was plenty to do. The pools were uncrowded and kids well behaved.  I could not imagine this place busy. Chairs were everywhere but the husband and I could not figure out where everyone would go if it were full. The lazy river isn't that big. The pool isn't that big.  I guess that isn't for us to worry about since it will be highly unlikely we will be staying there again this summer. Back at the hotel side, many conventions were going on but the place did not feel crowded. We walked right into the Riverwalk Cantina, snapped tons of pictures without fighting for room and the pool at the hotel was vacant. This was close to perfect for us. The Gaylord tends to get overcrowded during certain times of the year and those always seem to be there times we head out there. 

All three kids were up way past their bedtime and nicely slept until 10 the morning at the Gaylord.  Don't get too giddy, Hailey Grace and the husband are the only ones who probably slept close to all night. From Harper waking to Hudson peeing out his nighttime diaper and a snoring husband, sleep didn't exactly happy for this gal. I will admit to shedding tears around 3 this morning. Everyone has nice, comfy beds and I had hopes for 5-6 hours of sleep. One day. One day.  Happy to report that both girls slept until nearly 9:30 this morning resting up back at home.

The Texas heat wasn't really heat until we were getting ready to head home on Wednesday. Once it began to get hot, it was pretty warm.

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