Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pool dates, sickness and stuff....

Three out of three have had ear infections. The girls have been dealing with swimmers ear and Hudson has a double ear infection. Swimmers ear seems to be in full force amongst our friends. Poor Huddy though, he has double middle ear. The dr cleaned out Hailey Grace's and Hudson's ears with an wax removal kit. She said both were full of fluid. Yuk!
Since we got the all clear, minus ears, we headed to play with seem sweet friends on Wednesday.
These two girls are a month apart and the babies are a month apart. So special!  We had an awesome time playing and the girls have asked numerous times to go back.

We must get Hudson a Bumbo since we gave the one we had for the girls to a friend.

Lots of random pictures.....

The girls decided to give Chris their Father's Day gifts early.
Harper decided that the ear infection wasn't enough for us to deal with right before vacation. Strep and HFMD virus too.  Good times around the household and red/white spots all over her poor mouth. She has some on various spots of her body as well. As of today, she has been fever free for two days and it looks like the rash is starting to go away.  Thursday, she was running 104.1 so we ran back to the doctor.  Funny this is that I always thought the rash was the contagious part of HFMD but it is actually the fever and other things.  Either way, she is said not to be contagious anymore but still on the cranky side.  No idea where we picked this up from but we canceled our Seaworld an Schlitterbahn vacation with hopes of keeping germs at bay.  We has some sad kiddos but promised the we will do something fun this week and reminded them of all the fun activities we have left to do in June.
We managed to put together a sit n stand, in the heat.
When I say we, I mean the kids and I.

My exciting Saturday night with kids screaming in the backyard. :)
Another one bites the dust.
I baked chocolate chip cookies and they were cooling on the counter.
Harper helped herself but forgot to clean off her face entirely so got busted.
Little man is getting SO big.
Please slow down.

Never a dull moment.

Playing with little brother's jumper.  Both girls jumped in this as well as our cousins Whit and Wesley.  Lots of love and little jumpers in this.

We are trying to square away a house in Indy.  A few house hunting trips not resulting in anything we'd like to purchase, we moved on to leasing a house until we find something to buy.  Wouldn't you know that many houses sit on ponds without fences.  Many houses do not even have fences.  Many houses won't allow outside pets.  So, the search continues.  We have tried to move on some but they wouldn't give in to pets.  So please say a prayer we find something and quickly.  We need to secure a place by Thursday morning.

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