Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Weekend

We had a picnic with Mrs Margaret on Wednesday at Dove Park. We loved everything about this. Mrs Margaret, one of our favorite parks, and playing in the breeze. It was a fantastic lunch and so sad we won't see her weekly at school. Harper never forgets her in her night prayers, makes my heart happy.
We left some goodies for Grandmommy who is working hard this week and weekend. Gift cards, cakes, cards, flowers, pots and a roasted chicken. I know, the chicken made you chuckle but how could I say no to a chicken for a birthday gift?
We finally picked up a Bumbo for Hudson and he loves it. This will be easy to toss in the car for the next couple of weeks.
While we were there, I picked up some 18 and 24 month clothing for him. The 12 months fits great but I know as July creeps up and flies by, he will be wearing some 18+ months. Hudson weighed in last week at 19 pounds......I must be producing some good milk!
Still giving some solid food, as much as he will take or tolerate.
The girls did some surfing and jumping off the treadmill.

After the girls were bed, little man and I hung out while I had a snapshot. 
How cute are his cheeks?

Harper loves her baby brother.
Poppy spent a few days with us this week and the girls loved every single minute of it.
Everyone loves a sleeping baby.
Happy happy
Harper and Hailey Grace had to clean out under Hailey's bed.
It was scary.
Big big Polo shirts for little man.
Loves our bed.
We played with friends at a trampoline park and had pizza for lunch.
Harper is really into Sprite lately.
This guy who worked there entertained the kids so much.
Be still my heart.
Hudson had a quick Dr appointment on Friday.
He has been pulling at his ears, not really sleeping and cranky a little.

Whatcha looking at?
We also braved Costso on Friday.
I love Copper.
Friday evening, we had dinner at Bird Cafe in downtown FW with friends.
The place turned out to be good and really neat.
We always have so much fun when we are with them.
Some of our dear friends.
Stags Leap. enough said.
A cool wall with bird pictures.
Maybe it should have been a sign that when we walked out my car who had just gone through the car wash was covered in bird poop.  There was SO much poop. So much.
So far today, we have been working on labels for an engagement party,  our moving address cards and playing with Mia.  She is here for a long weekend and we are waiting on Auntie Collins to arrive.

Baby boy is still running a low grade fever and fussy but hopefully the teeth and ears will chill out soon.

Happy weekend y'all!

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