Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodbye dates

These girls are so sweet together, I pray they always are.

Justin is such an amazing, laid back guy.
HG was having a blast.

Hudson snoozed at the pool.
His poor schedule was totally off today, that bottom tooth causing pain and he has another ear infection.
Love that I don't always have to get in and don't have to worry about the girls.
I tossed Harper into a pool on Saturday and her arm came out of the puddle jumper.
Since our closing was moved from early morning until late afternoon, we met friends for lunch and a playdate. Heidi's dad is a basketball coach at North Lake in Irving so he entertained the kids for a bit. The girls loved every second of it and have talked about playing with all the balls nonstop.

Hailey is now asking to play tennis.
Maybe we can take lessons together.

So hard to say goodbye sometimes.
Even harder for children.

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  1. take Hudson to the chiropractor when y'all get moved!!! See if that helps with those ear infections!