Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Burnt pizza

We have lots of catching up to do, lots of rest to do. The remainder of our stuff was delivered today missing a few items. I must find Hudson's clothes and fast.
The husband is traveling, I am beat. Like I put a pizza in the oven and fell asleep. Smoke engulfed the house and I rushed to air it out before the flames began. I won't rest while cooking a pizza at 10 because it was the first chance I had to eat dinner. Hoping to catch up on Indiana soon.

Since our life revolves around unpacking, donating items, cleaning everything in site, we try to venture out some. 
Lunch at Cracker Barrel today.
The weather was around 70 for the high today. 
He is such a cutie!
We are on the count down for her turning 6. 
We will have a 6 year old.

Hudson snoozed while the movers unloaded.
Harper loved being outside today.
Her personality can be so contagious.

Loving some steamed green beans.

Hudson is working on a tooth and his left ear is hurting. Everyone thought they needed teething rings
Lots of disco dance parties after dinner.
Like brother like sister. 
Sweet baby boy.
So we bought this princess canopy for HG to make a reading nook in her room. This is as far as it has made.

Things are slowly falling into place. I think the move is finally catching up with us all. HG has had a bad headache all day, was up a lot last night. Harper has been sneezing a ton, something that isn't ubcommon, but with HG's headache I tend to worry. Zytrec is always in full force around here but added in Advil for HG today. She said it helped but she would still get dizzy. My ears have been killing me, Hudson's left ear has been hurting but I am hoping it clears as his nose and eyes are clear.  My steam cleaner arrived today so hopefully over the next few days if we can't get a professional out here, I can at least get the old pet hair out of the carpet. The living room looks great just after one cleaning. 
Like I said earlier, we are on the count down for HG turning 6. Cake is ordered, birthday supplies bought, tea party planned and so forth. She wants to go to the beach, ride in a carriage and a Barbie Malibu dream house. Wow. I am one who tends to spoil, even those who are not mine, but this one will be hard for me. She have given Harper her big doll houses in preparation. The husband said hello no to another doll house. 

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  1. Happy birthday to HG! We miss you guys so much already! It sounds like the move has been crazy and very eventful. I hope that you get some good down time soon. You need it. I wish I was there to lend a hand!