Monday, July 28, 2014

Catching up

So I don't even really know where to begin catching up. We have been incredibly busy. Just when we think we have a free day to hit the local splash park, the temps are in the low 70's or it rains so we tackle stuff in preparation of the fall semester.   As far as the boxes, very few are left in the house and just some in the office or ones to mail back to Texas.  The office went from a massive room with tons of space to a little office that would serve better as a small play room.  The boxes smell terrible so I was glad to get them out.  The air wick/Glade plug ins and the scentsy deals, the house is smelling like Hobby Lobby in the husbands words.  He isn't too keen on that smell or place. Shame shame. :)

We still put down king size quilts to play on in the landing (playroom). It is a large area that is not viewable from the front door so works out great. We are adding love seat or similar to this area and getting rid of more stuff. It is amazing how much we have downsized already. Every time I make a donation run, I call my mom and we laugh. Lots of crap.   Our carpets will be cleaned on Thursday, beyond excited.
Seriously, he will melt a heart in no time.
We have the sweetest babysitter named Krystal and the girls love her. I am sure it was overwhelming coming in with three kids, various ages, while adjusting to a major move.  The girls have learned to play together better during this move so that has helped.  The husband and I have actually done stuff not once but twice. Once just the two of us for dinner and then we had work friends from Louisville the second time. It was fun to have adult conversation with friends face to face. This is something we are missing, our friends and group dinners. Or Meghan's lasagna in Hailey terms.  Both evenings we went to Chuy's,  We're not missing local Texas Mexican food are we.  i've also cooked various Mexican meals a handful of times.
Oh that daddy.
Harper wasn't thrilled but Hudson and HG loves it.
Cheerios, milk and Mickey Mouse.
I love that our room is large enough for two chairs and a table.
I also picked up an incredibly inexpensive comforter to try in our room.
We had grays and yellows in Keller but it doesn't exactly match the green chairs or the cherry wood furniture.  I plan to buy a new bedroom suite one day, we have had ours about 8-9 years but haven't found one that I just had to buy.
I couldn't remember I posted this or not.
We love our Johnny jumper.
Hudson had to be changed, the husband made me, due to it being skin tight.

The night before she turned 6, she was practicing how she would hold her hands.
Our yard has since been mowed, sprayed for weeds and fertiLized. It was in really bad shape when we arrived but our neighbors assured us it was much better than it had been.
We will work hard to make it look great.
Little man is growing at lighting speeds.
He is almost big enough for this hair chair on a daily basis. It is a desk and rocker too.
Touring schools for Harper love.
She is so proud. :)
We have decided on a Presbyterian school just a short drive from our house.
She is on a few waiting lists still, maybe we will switch next year to something longer.
She will go 2 1/2 hours twice a week.
Registering HG for school. 
Watch out kindergarten, here we come!
Exploring some of the local places that weren't in our area in Texas. Lunch at Culvert's followed by Custard. Sort of like a nicer Freddy's and the custard was delicious. Harper and I ended up with belly aches but it was totally worth it. Walking into the place, a sweet smell greets you.

Things are coming along on the 1st location which is right by our house. The ground work for the second is in the works and hiring for the first has begun.  So exciting to be part of something that has the potential to be amazing.  I love that everything is fresh and there is a meat cutting room in the building.
Harper loves to help feed.
Until she gets bored and gives him the bowl.
Oh sweet Harper nurses her babies not by her tiny little breasts but rather a strawberry on her belly.
Climbing equals crashes.
Of course a bandaid goes on the bottom lip right?

Big boy, 6 months old hanging with Daddy.

The girls think he is part baby doll.
Not sure which outfit gets the bigger laugh.
Harper with her undies on backwards or HG in her giddy up.

We really do love our neighborhood even with all the hiccups on our house. The house itself hasn't been fun and tons of work. It was built, people were foreclosed on. This company we are renting from came in, bought it and leased it. It was in good condition when it was leased as they redo and repaint. Well the people that leased it were evicted, owe a ton of money for damages and rent. The pictures on the leasing website were those he first time it was leased, not when we were about to move in. The husband chose this house last minute, after we were already under contract on one because it has a fence. We really needed a fence with Camo. We arrive, the house is a mess. Huge mess. Fast forward a couple of weeks and things are slowly falling into place. We've had a house keeper come twice to help me. She is good and I'm super anal about cleanliness in my own home so it is starting to look nice. There is still a stinch when you walk in the door but hopefully after next Thursday  (carpet cleaning), it will be even less. I just have a few rooms left to wash walls, blinds and baseboards. It is amazing how in such a short time people can take a nice house to a filthy, almost foreclosure condition in no time. I don't understand that.  Whether you own it, rent it, love it or hate it, it is your home. Your home. Take pride in your home. That is coming from someone who has loved some houses, hated some houses at time, rented, owned and so forth. I take pride in them and make them welcoming.
We try and spend a lot of time in the front yard as do most of the neighborhood. In fact, I rarely see people in their backyards unless grilling. Maybe that is why not many people have fences??
People are starting to stop and talk to us. 
We love it.
The kids love it.
There are a bunch of kids in here.
We love the house next door, the kids and I want to buy it.
That would be an easy move huh?
If only we were a little further in our lease, we could just jump on over.

Sweet Harper wanted in the carrier. 
Silly girl.

So things are falling into place. The husband has traveled some, been home some. 
Gap cut offs and boys.
Sink baths.
Pretty 6 year old texting her friend Harper a picture.
Early birds, 6 pound difference.
I love baby thighs.
HG's finished dresser.
We still have to hang pictures.
Costco trip. It is so fun that Hudson can join in on the fun until they drive him bonkers.
The storms can be pretty incredible here.  The last two have passed our neighborhood by what seemed like a rock throw.  The clouds have been beautiful.
Hudson's downstairs walker.
He loves it.
We love it.
Best $30 we have spent.
Oh Buzz light year, you are too cute.
We are slowly transitioning Hudson to his room.
My heart hurts.
So bad.
I'll go into more detail soon but for now, he is resting next to me.:)
We will flip the deer back inside, he loves looking at them.
This morning we headed to a park in Noblesville to meet some friends.
We had the best time.
Between us, 3 other red heads besides the 4 of us.
Everyone kept commenting on that.
We might have needed jackets, it was 58 degrees when we arrived at 11.

Both girls start gymnastics on Wednesday evening.
I had planned on doing Harper during the day and still might switch her after school begins.
Everything seems to be so much busier in the evenings so I should enjoy morning events while they last.
Furminator, where have you been all my life.
We had some mac n cheese with dinner, Hudson had a little and loved it.
A male Beta fish and a frog.
Yes, a frog that swims.
What the hell was I thinking?
Princess Kylie is the MALE fish.
Choo Choo Solo is the frog.
I stopped asking questions after the 3rd time I questioned the names.
Harper's tiny behind showing off her gymnastics shorts.
We will be washing in hot water, they are supposed to fit like yoga shorts. :)


You can see we are settling in a little and actually liking it so far. 

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