Friday, July 25, 2014

Sweet Hudson turns 6 months

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet Hudson.
You are just the sweetest little thing.
You are 28 inches long and 20 pounds 12 ounces which puts you in at 92 and 93 %. 
You are a big boy for now.

The brown hair is turning red so holding our breath to see if it stays.
Outside, it is really red
Both bottom teeth are working their way in.
You love to play with stuff and roll all over the place.
Sitting up is a task you have mastered.
Crawling is just around the corner as well.
Mama is the only word you have said.
You are still nursing but will take formula some.
Out of a certain nipple.
The girls and I are finally putting you on the ground to explore.
Daddy is home more now and you love to watch him.
You keep a serious face when watching him for some reason.

We've started solids.
You hate baby rice and oatmeal like Harper.
Squash is your favorite like Hailey Grace.
Peas are your least favorite unless whole.
You have no issue eating.
We worry about you shoveling too much in at one time. 
Strawberry and beet puffs are one of your favorite finger foods.

Oh Sweet Hudson, you have brought so much joy to us.

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