Friday, July 11, 2014

Indiana residents

We are beginning to settle in somewhat here in Indiana. The weather has been lovely, rainy at first but pleasant and highs have been around 82-83. Highs early next week aren't much over 71. Craziness. We get cold at night. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, our house is simply adorable.  There is just something catching about it. You know one of those houses that just make you smile driving past.  There is our exact house across the street but in gray, totally want to stock them so I can  look inside. Perfect look on the outside so I want to see in. 
The brushes are about to make me need a Valium.
Just kidding.
Sort of.
Our lawn stuff is still MIA.  Was in Dallas but now no idea.
Our kitchen cabinets have been cleaned finally. The cleaning lady was overwhelmed just a bit. She was here 6 hours and will have to return for base boards and blinds. I am working on baseboards, blinds and bleaching/washing walls.  When I say it was a mess, it was terrible.  I will be thankful in a few weeks that I cleaned , she cleaned and then I cleaned. Hopefully we can get everything up to par. Our Master room hasn't had any effort yet. Shame shame on me!
Our missing dining room chairs and kitchen table have been delivered. A couple of claims for chunks of the dining room chairs will be filed among other broken furniture. I get moving it such a hard thing, we have moved so much but never have we had so many issues.
Corn fields. I am surrounded by corn fields and paid 20 cents more than I did in Texas and Arkansas yesterday.
Our kitchen after moving in. 
Improvement in Harper's room.
Needs art and pictures.
Might be switching to bunks/twins.
In HG's.
Hope to find missing pieces tomorrow.

Love sitting on our porch.
Working on Hudson's. 
Harper has been sleeping in here for some reason, maybe security. 
She wants a Mickey Mouse or similar toddler bed. 

So we are here, very over whelmed and wishing we had interviewed some babysitters before moving in but we live and learn. Boxes will slowly go away and eventually our house will be scrubbed from top to bottom, the pet hair will go away (praying on this hard right now and for Harper's chest) and we will enjoy a slower pace of life. I think God is almost yelling for us to slow down. Slow down, enjoy the moment and breathe. 

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