Tuesday, July 29, 2014

God's amazing creations

It is amazing how God can speak to you exactly when you need it.
I was breathless, speechless, in tears seeing this rainbow.
I needed this, we needed this.

Hudson and his 1st set of cars.
We had just had baths, dusted furniture and cleaned the floors.
Hudson loves the Dyson, loves it.
This my friends sums up our day  until the rainbow.
Working on decorating and the girls picked this out.
I gave in.
Playdoh and I have a love and hate relationship.
Target has tons of stuff on clearance right now so we scored this Princess playdoh set for 50%.
Harper played for two hours straight and ate dinner.
She ate dinner AFTER she ate some lunch.
Two wafflers, bowl of blueberries, a banana and TWO yogurts.
I almost passed out.
Not the healthiest but she asked for it and was very eager to eat it.
Those who know our struggles are smiling ear to ear.
Feeding Harper isn't one of those give me a few days and I'll train her or when she gets hungry, she will eat. Nope, not with her.  We are still in the just get her to eat phase until October when we have to make some decisions about her food issues.
Tonight I steamed some vegetables and made mixed vegetables for Hudson.  Harper and I discussed that if she has to do food therapy, they will make her begin at Hudson's stage.

Minnie night light, picture of her best friend, extra pacifiers incase her pacifier falls out of her mouth and her cell incase she needs to text Hailey during the night.  Oh Harper love.
Our room has room for chairs.
I think Harper uses them more than anyone.
I love the fact they are in here though.
I picked up this very, extremely traditional bed spread set.
It works well with the green chairs and our furniture.
Plus it was very inexpensive.
A huge change from gray. 

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