Sunday, July 6, 2014

Home sweet unclean home

Well we made to Indiana in one piece.
At times I wasn't sure if we could make it. 
Saturday, we left Batesville for the 8 hour drive and pulled into out hotel 11 1/2 hours later. Of those 11 1/2 hours, someone was crying 11 of it. Oh my poor head!  The husband was in his own truck, in quiet land. :)

Sunday was a new day and after all the fussing from yesterday, we did not have to drive any great distance. That made everyone happy and Hudson still cried at the sight of his car seat. Poor Huddy Buddy as the girls would say.

Our big news of Sunday was seeing our new house. Hands downs, it is cute and the neighborhood seems great.  The houses and yards are all kept nice, each with a special charm to it. Our house has a great layout, a little smaller than I had pictured but still great for us. The closets will take some working fitting toys and clothes in them. The only hiccup was that it was unclean. Part of our request was that it was painted and professionally cleaned.  Apparently someone touched up the paint in a different color. A different color in each room. So this precious house looks like a zebra through out. I am not sure I have enough art to cover the issue. We are hoping for a a deep clean, steam clean (might require more than my machine) and a paint job this week. Otherwise, I will start the process.
See, simply adorable!
The girls love their new house.
I wasn't crazy about the red lights but the more I was around them, the more I enjoyed them. They still might be switched with another color.......
Perfect posing rock.
Harper has on jeans, in July!
Pretty Hailey Grace
Then she crashed.
Oh these rose bushes need some love.
Okay, so this is the family room. It looks fairly large but I look it in panorama so not quite so big. It is oddly shaped more so than the picture. I need layout help. Stephanie? Anyone?
Yes, that is bird poop.
I might have used another word.
Yes, it is inside my car.
I almost tossed my cookies.
I might have gone a little crazy cleaning that area in my car.
So gross!
The Tahoe will be going to get a detail soon.
Ranch and throw up on the carpet in various places from the drive. 
I am thankful it isn't baking in the Texas heat right now.
Hudson was EXHAUSTED yesterday but didn't want to miss anything. He has been such a good baby during all of this. HG is taking it the hardest by far. Harper is sad but I don't think fully understands being two. She loves everything about her new house and Daddy being home more.

So there you have it, we live in Indiana now. Holy cow! A state that never even crossed my mind we would move to with our children. We always thought it would be back to our favorite, Colorado or even Kentucky since Chris is based out of Louisville.  But God has a tendency to help guide in the right direction and Indianapolis area is where we are supposed to be.

Oh Huddy buddy, it finally reaches over the cute round belly and baby boobs. We were all cheering and dancing.

It is 10 here and all the kids are still sleeping. Great in the mornings with the time change but not so hot at bedtime. At least it is summer and no where to be except unloading and unpacking. 

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