Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1st day of School 2014

We all survived the first day of school.
I would be lying if I said it wasn't a beating on parents to get 3 kids out the door for school. I am incredibly thankful we don't start until 8:50.
I took her to Target yesterday and said she could pick out any outfit she wanted (besides a monster high thing she grabbed) to make her day. After all, don't we feel like a millions bucks in the perfect outfit. 
It was bright this morning, really bright.
She was up four times lady night.
Hudson was up for different times.

Such a pretty girl who loved the first day and met two new friends, Alexis and Lily. 
I think she might have jacked some chocolate milk from the lunch room.
Surfing and showing off her backpack.
These two love muffins were quite the issue today. Hudson is always so sweet had a rough day. Teething and pulling on his ears, hopefully from teething. Harper has been crying her ear hurts. Now her belly. She just got off antibiotics Monday morning for a UTI so surely she is just having an off day. 
I see Hailey!!! 
We were all yelling her name and waving. 
She was kind of embarrassed.

So, this school has one way in and one way out. We arrived at 8:30, ended up being 3rd in line and it was still 9:06 when she climbed out of my car. Yes, 36 minutes in line waiting on the buses. The buses here are a big deal. I  heard there are two children in K who do not ride the bus. HG being one of those two children.  We won't arrive at 8:30 for sure tomorrow and I imagine the kids will be eating a lot of breakfast in the car to occupy time. Same for the afternoon pick up. We got there at 3:23 and was 4th in line. It was after 4 o'clock before she was in my car. The buses drop the kids off in the morning and no cars can drop kids off until all the buses are emptied and have left. Same for afternoon pick up. The buses load and leave with the kids before the car riders are allowed to pick up. HG mentioned she was ready to ride the bus. The husband and I just aren't sure but said we would talk about it when he gets back in town. 

Being in school means after school evening  activities. Wow. Just wow. Dance, Girl Scouts, First Communion Classes and gymnastics just for HG this fall. All weekly. I see a lot of crockpot meals, a messy kitchen and rarely dried hair.

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