Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ice cream social and furniture shopping

We attended Hailey Grace's ice cream social this week as a family.
This is the new term for meet the teacher and deliver your school supplies.
We enjoyed ourselves even though the school was like a sauna and was a packed house (K-4th grade).
HG was incredibly eager to see her new school, classroom, cafeteria and of course teacher.
We had to drag her out of the school after the event was over.
I think Harper is ready to join HG's Kindergarten class
Big girl at her table.
Neat clock on the floor
Backside of her classroom.
See, all the others had already left.
Reading area.
Harper washed her own hair, lathered herself in lotion, picked out the perfect dress and did her own hair for this event.
She was so excited for HG.
This will be a huge change for Harper, they are always together.
Silly ones.
Little man dressed for the occasion.
Can you tell teeth are coming in?
Labeling crayons and markers.

I ordered the back to school teacher's gift this year.
I am beat, the kids are all ganging up on me and the husband still travels.
I thought these were adorable and fairly inexpensive.
Harper picked out latte candles for her teachers because she loves starbucks.
If you follow us on IG then you know we have been couch and furniture shopping.
We need to replace some stuff and need to add a couch.
We couldn't decide what to do.
Should we replace downstairs and move one to the landing.
Should we just add one to the landing.
Furniture gets beat up in a move and we aren't going to be in this house long.
We looked and looked and looked and looked.
Of course we ended up back at Costco, the first place we looked, purchasing this gray sectional for the landing.
The girls now have somewhere to watch morning tv upstairs and we plan to use it in the evenings.
The TV downstairs echoes so bad that this works out nicely for the husband and I .
Big boy loves to eat real food.

How you coin?
Monday morning, all three kids slept and slept.
Hudson woke after 10.
Harper after 11.
HG at a quarter to noon.
They were exhausted.
Cheerios lover

Oh such a sweetie.
He was excited to spend alone time with the parents while the girls stayed with a babysitter.
Oh Harper love.

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