Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap up

HG had her first week of gymnastics.
This is something she is new to so is in a beginner class for 3-6 year olds.
The majority are 3-4 and she stands much taller at 6.
Hoping she will catch up soon or decide gymnastics isn't her calling.
Harper goofs off during her events but will be checking out a new playroom next week.
Slowly but surely, our house is coming along.
Mia (my mom) is out here helping right now so hopefully we can tackle a lot this week.

He is thinking this isn't Texas and this isn't real Mexican food.
Then I assured him we would share our food so he was happy.
This girl had quiet a scare on Thursday.
We had to go back in for her UTI and ears that were hurting.  Her ears checked out perfect.  While at the dr, she couldn't keep her balance. She fell 10 times in less than 10 minutes so they brought another doctor in and two nurses. Harper falls all the time, all the time. We are used to it and it really only gets our attention when it is a constant thing and includes hitting her head.  Our friends and family think of Harper as clumsy, not that there might be anything wrong.  As the day goes on, she naturally gets tired and falls more like most toddlers. But, it was a major alarm for the doctors who wanted us to go straight to the ER. I explained that Harper falls like that all the time and the ER wasn't somewhere we really wanted to go.  So we all agreed to seeing a neurologist but they wanted us in on an emergency basis which happened to be Friday morning. Whew, that was fast and almost enough to scare us. The husband came back in town on Thursday night and joined us for the Neuro appointment.  The dr could notice what the others were concerned about but Harper had been awake 90 minutes at her appointment so her body was still very rested. He had her do a few things, walk, run, jump, etc. She definitely charmed him as she does most people. Since there was a slight imbalance in her walking, running, turning and getting up.  These are all things that very well could just be delayed a bit and will develop as she gets older.  Of course, he wanted to be sure so she will be having testing fairly soon to double check everything.  We really aren't that worried, the balance issue isn't horrible but it is better to be safe than sorry in all of our opinions. 

Sweet thing stuffs all kinds of things in her night shirt.
After the doctor at lunch with a massive fish tank.
The food wasn't good, each table had a tv for sports which was neat for sporting games.
Shark week
He isn't a fan of grass.
She loves her lace and ruffles.
And shoes with bows.
We have big dove all over our yard.
See that fence?
The whole reason we got this house.
Yeah, Camo can jump it.
Sporting his new sports coat for the winter and Mass.
In a size 2.
We have played a lot at home this weekend.
Mia is here for a week.
School is tiring during the week.
Pretty as a Princess.
Precious little one.
Lots of humming birds around our house.
Breakfast time at our house.
This morning was cereal and fruit.
HG opted for a hidden punchable when I walked out of the room.
This little boy has his sleep cycle off.
He has been getting up 6+ times a night.
Very little napping.
I'm beyond worn out.
He is too.
All 3 in a tub.

Braved lunch at Red Robin today.
The tables are horrible there.
Service wasn't great either.
Food was good though, Harper even ate the fries.

Chris' frist location is coming right along.
Looking good.
There is even a meat room in there where all the meat will be freshly cut.

Oh this cutie.
We play outside often, the weather is so nice up here.
There hasn't been a 90 degree day this summer.

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