Friday, August 8, 2014

Short catch up of sorts.

One of these days I will catch up on everything
There is SO much to catch up on, I don't even know where to begin.
Seriously, so much.
I love magic erasers.
Oh my, I am flying through them.
We have been working hard, playing hard and spending lots of time together.
The time together is something most people take for granted.
Us included.
But then the traveling took over and we longed for time together.
We finally have it.
There still is travel but it isn't a week or longer at a time each week.


This is what we have been up to this week.

I had a parent meeting for Kindergarten.
Over whelming?
Oh yeah.
Private school is so much easier to understand things.
Here, they want and encourage you to ride the bus.
I am not okay with buses but they assure me all the kindergarten kids do it.
When my kid is puking from motion sickness and nerves, I promise that isn't going to go over well with the 4th graders.
We are going to start out in the car line, which I was told could take 30-45 minutes for drop off and pick up.
The school she is zoned for is an older one and there is a tiny parking lot.
Tiny, tiny, tiny.
Kindergarten through 4th grade is in the building.
I have no earthly idea where all these people will go.
Oh well, we will manage.
Some how.
I do however think we will really enjoy her teacher.
She taught 26 years as a 1st grade teacher and this is her first year in K.
Plus she reminds us of Mrs. Laura, HG's Pre K teacher whom we love.
Folders are full of paper work.

Oh those silly bottom teeth.
Baby doll legs are great tethers.

About to take out and go.

Not sure why we need a new couch, they all always want to sit in my lap.

Love muffin

Finally started working on Hudson's room.
The enchanted forrest is back.

HG's study desk.

Not sure if we will have daily homework.

Loves guacamole

The weather has been great, 73-80 degrees for the highs but really humid lately.  This is a record for Indiana and their summer temps, not one 90 degree temperature yet.  So crazy for us when we are used to 100 degrees days.

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