Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hailey Grace catch up

Hailey Grace is staying busy with school, gymnastics and swim team.  I feel so terrible that I made her decide between gymnastics and dance then said lets wait until next season for Girl Scouts. It is amazing how quickly the extra activities take over your evenings.  Thursday and Saturdays are our free days. I would love another after school evening.  I wish I was that mom who could do it all each day after school but it is so incredibly hard.The babies can only hang for so long.   She understands and I think somewhat thankful we didn't take on any extra stuff this first semester into school.  This week we have swim on Sunday, Monday (out of town) , Wednesday and Friday, gymnastics on Tuesday, a school family night where I have to give a speech on Tuesday, field trip on Friday, a surgery on Friday, but hoping for a care fee and fun Saturday.  

School alone is a huge adjustment for us all.  It is one of those things you never really fully understand until you start school.
Sure, preschool and MDO's kept us busy but starting school and continuing in school has been a big adjustment for everyone.   As with all kids, it does take some adjustments getting used to a new year. HG has done pretty good.  She is exhausted by the time her head hits the pillow but luckily for her, we keep a pretty strict bedtime routine.  Depending on evening activities, it varies from 7:30-8:30 lights out.   If in bed by 7:30, she is allowed to read or even watch a little something on her iPad or tablet.  She sleeps like a log and isn't much of a morning person so I let her sleep as long as possible.  With her car sickness, she doesn't eat and rarely has anything to drink anymore before jumping on the bus headed to school. Once at school, she attempts to eat breakfast and has either milk or water.  She still gets nauseated many mornings, in the classroom, not moving around.  I always keep goldfish and a granola bar in her bag for those extreme days where she is about to toss her cookies at her table.  Her teacher will allow her to nibble on something if needed.  Homework tends to come home on Mondays allowing a couple days to work on it.  Books come home on Fridays and Wednesdays.  We read some of these together and others she reads to us.  It is truly amazing watching kids learn to read books.  Any age, kids should always love books.
Did I mention I am the room mom for Hailey's class?  Yes, I was chosen to be the room mom.  HG is incredibly excited that her mom is the room mom.  Me?  A bit of panic.  Sure I was a room mom for a Preschool for 4 years but this is the real deal. A real room mom at a real school. I am kind of nervous about screwing it all up but excited to be included in all their events.  I am looking forward to knowing the other children in her class and their parents.  Her class has a nice mixture of sweet, innocent children to far too advanced, not innocent children.  Hailey is somewhere in between.  I can't believe some of the stuff that can come out of the mouths of these young children.  I am not talking bad words. 
Luckily for us, HG loves her neighborhood, school and life in Indiana.  She misses her friends and family down South but really enjoys living up here.  HG loves her friends and is always so concerned about them, sometimes too much.  She would spend all day trying to please and make others smile around her before she chooses to worry about herself or learn sounds very familiar. She recently got into trouble at school for not listening and worrying about everyone else being happy. She has an amazing heart, she want everyone to be happy, nice and loving.  She cries when people are mean.  She cries even when she is in trouble. She wakes up asking about her friends and if I think they are all okay.
Hudson might have been a little smelly.
Oh hey butterfly
We spent Saturday morning making signs for HG's class and school.
Tuesday, we are working on shirts for the class.
I love all crafts, everything is always so fun except those with my handwriting.
HG never cares, she is always so excited to show stuff off we made.

Exhausted nightly.
Oh be still my heart.
Such a pretty little girl.
Elsa hair for Halloween.
Brrrrr, some morning are cold.
I love this picture.

HG and I always make sure the hummingbirds are fed.
We have so many!
P.E. days.
Between PE, swim, gymnastics and running around, this girl has gotten lean and tall.
She is still such a soft and hippie soul
Gymnastics is going great.
I so wanted her to remain in dance but never expressed my opinion very much.
She is old enough to have an opinion so I left that one up to her.
She is loving all the fun.
A family trip to Lowe's can either be a load of fun or a constant fight.
They need larger buggy carts.

HG and Harper are getting along better and better each week.
Some days we think they might kill each other but days like Saturday, they were best of friends.
Harper worships HG and thinks anything she says or does is the greatest.
HG is always incredibly loving to Hudson and typically will to help out.
I think it is the 5 1/2 year age difference that helps out so much. 

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