Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuttles Apple Orchard

Monday we headed skipped swim team practice to a local apple orchard here in Indiana.
It was the first time any of the kids had been apple to pick an apple from a tree, wash it then eat it.
Both girls loved the idea of picking our food fresh and then having it at our house.
They enjoyed  picking the apricots, berries, pomegranates, grapes and figs at our house in Keller even though we hardly ever ate them.

We picked delicious red apples, golden delicious, johnathan and cortland apples.

even Hudson enjoyed the outdoors despite 3 weeks of double ear infections.

Happy bunch.

We have tons of apples.
The sunflowers are a $1 a steam and you cut your  own.

So many apples for sauce, pies, crisps, cakes, etc.
We will be returning soon for pumpkins at the Orchard.

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