Saturday, September 6, 2014

Locked out

Somehow we manage to lock us out of various things. Cars, houses, hotels, etc.
Wednesday, leaving for gymnastics one of the girls locked the garage door. My car keys have been missing since the husband took then out of the front door, that was 2 weeks ago. I have looked and looked for those silly things.  Today, Chris found them behind some stuff in the pantry. Nice.  Back to the lock out... We headed to Hailey's gymnastics and Harper's turn at the play gym. I ran some errands and even came home to put groceries in the outside fridge. I was in a rush so never even touched the door or I would have known. Fast forward to after gymnastics.  It is nearly 6:45 and I have hungry screaming kids. HG yells that the door it locked. I tell her that it isn't and to try. Then I try. Yep, locked. We met our first locksmith here in Indiana. We were in the house within 30 minutes. The actual process took less than 3 minutes of lock picking and $160 out of my pocket. I will have keys everywhere now!
Selfies while locked out.
Oh my cuteness!
We read so much while HG is at school.
Sure enough, as soon as I bragged on her, she had a rough day.
Her skin was itching, she took a bath in LUSH products and naturally it gave her another UTI.
They make her incredibly whiny and she had a headache.
We are trying to beat this one naturally since she has been treated for two UTI's and one kidney infection recently.
She had an ultrasound and a VCUG of her kidneys and bladder where both looked good.
So it is the environment stuff causing it.
Bath productions, possibly her wiping which I have stressed she isn't allowed to do, swim wear, pull ups over night, etc.
We don't normally put anything in the bath and if we do, it is extra sensitive only once a week.
The girls were gifted some amazing things from Poppy and Danielle from Lush that most adults would love to get their hands on.
As you can imagine, the bath was really pink.
We also don't use any pull ups at night, they are horrible on her skin.  Think big red boils all over. Either just panties or one of Hudson's diapers.  Plus, even if she has a diaper or pull up on and wakes up dry, we can't use it again the next night.  She has to have a clean one each night and only certain brands.
Crazy how all of our skin can differ as to what irritates us.
Hudson gets better naps when just one girl is home or both are at school.  Then in return, he tends to sleep better at night.  The last few nights we are getting long stretches.
We play in Harper's closet a ton.
Slowly easing back into food after a GI bug.
Still not wanting much food or baby food but enjoying cheerios and some applesauce at breakfast.
Tried organic blueberry Elmo pancakes one day this week after swiping off Harper's plate.
So pancakes all the way around
Love watching all the hot air balloons over head on pretty nights. Luckily we were locked out on a beautiful night.
This is trouble. He is constantly in the fireplace. Baby proofing is under way.
What what?
Hudson can pull himself up on everything!
Harper wants to wear her Minnie Mouse bathing suit to gymnastics each week. It always gets her a lot of attention.
He is such a hoot.
Poor baby and his GI bug hit hard.
I think he passed it on to Momma.
Migraines and a belly that hasn't been 100% but thankfully we are both back to feeling okay.
As I posted on IG, crawling and puking are messy and no fun.

We wrote our words of the week in chocolate pudding licking fingers after each word.
After we finished, we made chocolate pudding for the girls to eat with the reminder.
Still waiting on Hudson's eyes to decide.
This day, he had on a brown shirt.
Today, they were blue and then green.
Working on our words of the week a little more with chalk.

Sweet new balances we bought from Stephanie and Hendrix.
Baby boy has some chunky feet but these work pretty good with some cooler temps just right around the corner.

Harper had homework on her first day of school.
She had to make a place mat and could put anything she wanted on it.
So typical Harper, her favorite things.

I was cleaning the kids bath tub and turn to see thing.
Moooooooooooom, I am just doing my gymnastics

Big girl and her big girl PBK backpack.

Sweet baby.
Harper wrote her birthday list on the ottoman in pen.
That did not go over well.
So thankful it came out.
Oh my sweetness, he wanted some pizza on Friday night pizza, popcorn, and movie night.

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