Monday, September 1, 2014

Visitors and September

While the husband is on a 10 day adventure, we were lucky enough to have Poppy and Danielle visit us.  I was incredibly thankful that not only they came to see us but they also knew I would need them this very weekend.  Funny how your parents can know even before you do.

It was a quick trip but the kids and I enjoyed it.
Lunch at Chuy's

They took the girls to the Fashion Mall.
Hudson chewed on his first shopping cart.
No worries, I sanitized it and lysoled it.
When did she grow up?
Dang those geese, such a pain.
A pain?
Waiting on one to bite us in the front yard.
The girls are still really into Frozen.
HG plans on being Elsa for Halloween so I found this cute beanie to surprise her with on

Of course we would do some fun things while they were here.
One of the highlights was the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

It was in downtown Indy and our first trip down there.
Kind of reminded us of Lodo in Denver but not as clean.
Like I said though, it was our first trip down there.

Oh sweet baby boy.
Oh how we love thee.

Into everything.
Working on something outside my box.
The white behind the initials isn't white today.

Hi Minnie
Breakfast today.
My car managed to squeeze in the garage.
if you ever wonder what we do when the husband is gone, the girls and I work.
Work, work work.
Crazy weather today.
News keeps telling us the worse is on its way.
while the living room isn't even decorated, HG has been on a count down for fall decorations.
I said no to halloween decorations but yes to fall.
There is a print behind the mirror that you can see creeping out.
Third year for those glittery pumpkins.
Hudson is crawling all over the place and pulling up.
These aren't good things when stuff is coming out.
Nothing like steam cleaning carpets on Labor Day.
Crawling baby + throwing up a lot = YUK!

Oh Harper is a hoot.

Oh she is a special girl, she loves with every single ounce of her body.
Every single tiny ounce she has in her, she loves everyone and hate will never exist in her body.
I wish all kids had a heart like hers, it is beautiful. 
Please say a prayer for her. 

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  1. You know I have a thing for downtowns. Downtown Indy looks amazing! I am so happy that you've had more family visit. I know how much you must all be loving the time with them! Great pictures.