Friday, September 26, 2014

Tubes for Hudson

Sweet Hudson had bilateral tubes done early this morning and is doing well. Sadly, he woke up fifteen minutes before his 3 o'clock feeding and cried really hard until we left a little before 4:30. Nothing would soothe him so he finally cried himself to sleep during our 25 minute drive. Thank goodness for 24 hr McDonalds coffee and oatmeal. I have been getting 3-4 hours of sleep nightly since Labor Day or a little before. I am in desperate need right now. :)

Poor Hudson, like our other two, have had trouble with ear infections. Five different ear infections, possibly six, in 7 months. The 5th one began in September, began to clear so unsure if it ever cleared
completely. That is why the 6th one could be the same infection that never fully cleared or a completely new one as he ran 102.7 fever at the ENT.
Those of you who have ever dealt with tubes know that they are quick, easy and sometimes miracle workers. I'll never forget the first set for Harper. It was like she could all of a sudden hear. Her own voice would frighten and startle her in the first few weeks. The babbling was nonstop, it was amazing.
Our sweet neighbor who is a nurse could tell a big difference in Hudson after the doctor cleaned out his ears a few weeks ago. He was talking with everyone the afternoon after it was done. Since then, his ears have filled back up so much that they are pouring out his little ears. Praying this works for him.

He was cranky when he woke from the gas but was allowed to nurse right away and they pretty much let us go. Hudson cried 20 of the 30 minutes home, napped 10 minutes and woke happy. We were home in time to get HG and Harper dressed then off to school. He is now resting again while we wait on the moving company to come and adjust all the damage....finally!
HG's class made their shirts
Harper is always so excited for school.

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