Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Texarkana Christmas take 2

We drove off with tears in our eyes the morning we left Texarkana. The bond the girls have with my parents is simply amazing, especially HG. We went from Texarkana to Dallas back to Texarkana with rain each day. The day we left, the sun was shining bright and felt great. 
Last night the girls stayed at Poppy's and watched Dorothy's return.
Loaded up and headed deep into Arkansas. 
Cold weather waiting on us at home , needless to say we didn't arrive home until Thursday.
Loves to sweep and mop!
Starbucks, a remote and zero sleep.
For Christmas, I won a session by an amazing chicks who is just sweet as pie. Hudson, yeah he veto'd participating.

We can not wait to meet up this spring and visit some areas with my parents:

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