Thursday, January 15, 2015

Batesville Holidays 2014

Our last stop on the way back up to Indiana was to our Aunt's house in Batesville.  We love going to visit and the kids always want to come back soon.

We were packed in the car.

We took the kids bowling, it was Hailey Grace and Harper's first time.
They loved it!

We put on fake tattoos.

Road cars
Camped out one night.
Had lunch at McDonalds for a special day.  I have to say that it was the nicest Mc Donald's I have ever been to and we had the entire play area.
We rented out a bounce house place for two hours and had so much fun.

Hudson's favorite was the big slide.  He wanted to do it over and over.
Faith, her mom Crystal and Aunt Marilyn drove up from Jacksonville to play.

After an hour, he was beat.
Ring pops for a surprise.
Heidi's new dog house that Carly's boyfriend built.  It was awesome!
Loaded up and loaded down.
The girls had seen this at Sam's and begged for it.  Harper just wanted it because it was Lalaloopsy. Hailey wanted it because it pooped charms. Well Aunt Tonia got these for them. Hailey went to pick it out but I must say, it really isn't gross now that we have one.  The concept of the doll is but the actual process of it isn't.
We ate well like always.  Here, Collins made us some salmon they cook at the club.  Nice having a sister that is a chef.
The kids love Carly's dog.

See, he loved it!

Goofy kid.

All too soon, our time in Batesville was over and we were headed up north braving the subzero temps.

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