Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas in Dallas

We spent 5 days in DFW over the Holidays visiting family and a few friends.  We were still laying low from all the sickness and trying to avoid catching more.  The husband and I have started talking about doing Christmas in July with our families.  There will be a lot less illnesses in the summer and there is always lots of snow in our area the week after Christmas.  The week before  Christmas, we have been sick the last three years.  We spent a couple nights at the husband's parents but quickly remembered that we need more room and will always book a hotel when visiting DFW from now on.

On our way to and from DFW, we stopped in Sulphur Springs to see family.  We had been missing everyone so much so it was good to hug their necks.  On the way there, we visited with the husband's grandmother.  The girls talk about Grandma Christine often and LOVE visiting her house.  It took no time before they had Hudson waist deep in her toy closet and she was feeding them ice cream.  It was such a fun visit.    Hudson had grown so much since she last saw him and he was in love with her chair.

 From there, we headed to Irving and I made a quick stop at Tom Thumb.  We each a lot of fresh food and Hudson is on a strict diet, we had to get our supplies for the visit.

As always, the tree at the inlaw's house is always big and the kids enjoy ripping open all the gifts.

This was taken at 6 in the morning.  Hudson did not sleep at all while staying in DFW, poor guy, but did get one good night in the hotel.  The husband, Hudson and I were in one room and any time we rolled over or get up, it would wake him.  We would hit the pack n play trying to get around it and then it as all over. Party all night long in Hudson's opinion.
Fun flying toys.
Hudson got a super cool gift from Uncle Mike this year.  He and Harper both play with it daily.
This is what happens when you don't sleep at night silly boy.
We were luckily enough to meet my cousin Caroline and her two boys at Chick Fil A one day for lunch.  The kids had the play area for over an hour all to themselves.
We spent a lot of time at Meghan's playing.  Thank you Meghan for letting us come take over. :)
The boys are 6 months apart, aren't they adorable?

Kissing friends.
These girls are just the sweetest.  We miss them all SO much.
We also played at the Holcombe's while in town and I can't believe we didn't get pictures.  BOO!  We love them!  You can see the babies playing with Keller here.

The husband and I got a surprise date night on NYE which never happens.  We rarely make the ball drop.  We did sushi with Jason and Jessica at a local hidden gem then finished up with moscow mules at their house.

We ended up checking into a hotel, something we learned is really needed when we travel.  Our first room smelled like curry, was outdated (think falling apart issues) and wasn't large enough but Harper took no time breaking it in.  She loves to model in the mirrors.  We were moved on the other side on the hotel complex into a larger suite with a fireplace. I love that Homewood Suites have full kitchens and dinners (happy hour too!) five nights a week. Whether we just do a king suite or a two bedroom, we are always pleased.

The girls are begging for loud guns after playing with the Deckers.
Gaylord at Christmas is always a must.

Sweet cheeks.
A big Texas hotel breakfast.
Lunch with Uncle Mark at Freebirds, one of HG's very favorite places.  She made the big heart.

Friday night, we had dinner out with some of our greatest friends.  I cried so many times from laughing.  By the time dinner was over, my lips were 100% purple from the wine and all my makeup was gone from laughing so hard.  Oh my, that was so needed.
One of our couple friends that we have known forever.  Love them!
Such fun!

Until July DFW, it was a lot of fun!

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