Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas in Texarkana

We're trucking down the road again packed in the car with no room to spare. We even left 2 suitcases in Texarkana. How on earth did we make it from Indiana to Texarkana? The lack of room sent us looking at a couple of used Suburban but each fell to be older than we would like or too many miles. We ended up grabbing a tailgate deal for my drive back to Indy. 

We enjoyed our visit with family in Texarkana. Our main mission was to see family, eat Mexican and Whataburger. Luckily, all of these were accomplished. We are driving down the road shoveling in the glorious mustard burger we can't get our hands on in Indiana.
We had dinner at Zapata's. 
All 3 girls for hair cuts, super nice.  
Played at Poppy's a ton. The girls stayed there two nights without us having camp outs.
Hudson warmed up after I while and practiced his bull riding on Boots.
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway.......

Poor little dude waiting on his Benadryl to kick in.

More hair cuts.

Three monkeys in a tub.
This little dude had a horrible reaction last night. I had the Epi pen out and ready to go if needed. Thankfully, a big dose of Benadryl helped with the reaction. You can never be to careful. We asked about eggs being in certain foods and was assured t wasn't. Well it was. It was fortified egg product and the pasta had egg product in it was well. So not directly eggs but a form of it nonetheless.  First, it was a horrible diaper with poop to his head followed by head to toe hives. Again, you can never be too careful when a child has an allergy that can cause life threatening reactions.

We found these at the Dollar Tree to play with.  
Working hard on the baby brother's sweater.

Love East Texas leaves.

Legos, Legos and more Legos.

Frozen razor time.

Love this canvas we did for our parents.

Sharing his food.
Sweet baby had two glorious nights followed by a rough one after his reaction.

Teething baby.

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