Friday, January 23, 2015

Harper's asthma check up

Harper had her monthly asthma/allergy check up Wednesday and we are thrilled to graduate to every 4 month appointments.  Everything looked good, she went an entire month without an illness, catching a small virus at the end of the month.  She went to school last Friday and began running fever over the weekend.  A doctor appointment for what looked just like strep turned out to be a virus going around small kids.  During all of this, her lungs remained clear so no breathing treatments or steroids needed.  Proud to say that she has since bounced back and feeling good.
Girls loves selfies.

She was in selfie over drive while waiting on her doctor.

Can't take selfies without Tiny bear.

Then she pulled Mommy into them.

Harper is still on her singular for now with hopes of possibly stopping in May. Her doctor added a daily inhaler (Qvar 40mg) mid December and she was done well with it.  We have to remember to wash out her mouth each use to rinse out the extra steroid. Her dosage is fairly high right now but he is trying to heal and strengthen her lungs with plans to reduce it at her next appointment.


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  1. I'm glad to hear the good report here, and I'm dying over the selfies! Lol.