Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Catching a breath in February

As I type, I am watching the flurries fall but can see the sun peeking out in the distance.  The temperature is up to 24 degrees but we're in for temps below zero this week at night.  Thursday, the high will be 8.  Funny thing is, you can still go to the car wash in 8 degrees. Yesterday, we went through twice and it was 12 out. Twelve degrees and we went to the drive through car wash.  It still makes me laugh, in Texas they shut down at the thought of freezing weather.

We had a fun weekend around here.  Saturday was a girl scout cookie booth and our favorite sitter was able to stay through bedtime.  She was here 8 hours. She is amazing and all three kids love her. The husband and I never worried once.  Sunday late afternoon, we tried a new sitter out that I found by chance.  She is a girl scout troop leader, a little older but very patient.  The girls loved her, Hudson wasn't happy with her at all.  Then apparently he spit up a ton that HG had to clean up.  He wasn't feeling too hot so we walked back into a flustered house with kids awake at 9.  Thank goodness for no school the next day.  I was sad because Hudson loves our other babysitters.  Oh well, some are a perfect fit and others aren't.

After Harper doing so well, she has finally fallen to her latest sinus infection and RSV.  We have been holding our breath seeing how long we could make it without needing meds.  I had hoped we could make it two full months, we were so close.   We wash her nose twice a day, use nose spray, her inhaler (qvar) and singular. Every single day.    Also, we use Zyrtec or Benadryl (hello crazy hyper kid) as needed as well as her Nebulizer (breathing treatment machine).  Poor girl, she hasn't been able to breathe in a week or longer. She cries because she can't breathe.  We did 6 days on one antibiotic  (that was for 3 weeks) with her growing worse so we switched and are doing 2 Zpacks with a 5 day break in between.  Two Z packs, so sad for a pint size cutie.  Everyone is holding their breath hoping we aren't in for a Rocephin shot in a couple of days.   I think I would rather have had the shot today for her but kids and shots.  We also have a couple other things in the works for her this Spring trying to get answers to some things.  Why is she always  sick? Why is she tiny? Why is her immune system so down?  Why can't she eat? Why doesn't she have a bone in her pinky finger? Why does she fall all the time if the brain cyst doesn't cause it?  Is it all from her sinuses?  Is the not being able to eat causing the speech issues?  So as a parent, you can imagine what is going through our heads right now.  Harper has a heart larger than anyone I know, she loves life and those around her.  Poor baby shouldn't be sick 10-11 months out of the year.  Prayers for her are greatly appreciated as we try to figure out why and what.

Being the same size as Harper, Hudson has caught this latest round of stuff.  What started out as sinus infections last week turned into RSV positive today.  Hudson's snot is so thick and green.  I feel like I could suction it out of his chest.  Poor baby also has thrush all in his mouth, down his throat.  Can you imagine a yeast infection in your mouth and throat?  ouch.  He is feeling under the weather pretty badly right now but oh so cute.
Oh he is such a doll.
Baby boy does not like being told no and gets so incredibly sad.
Hudson had some blood work at his one year appointment.  He was SUCH a pro.
When did she become a teenager?
Typical day in Harper's life.

A typical afternoon around our area.

No, I did not get into your birthday cake mom.
This girl and her love of gymnastics.
A lady who works for the husband has come to our rescue.
Tamales. The green chili ones are out of this world.
Sweet baby boy.
Allergy testing for Hudson since we had requested to try milk (dairy) again.  We weren't allowed to until the blood test came back okay, prick test came back okay and then he passed the oral test.  IT took 10 days for him to be able to tolerate it well but he is on full whole milk.  Everything is going good.  Still no eggs, he popped positive for an egg allergy still. We will retry in May again.
Handsome little dude.
Sleeping beauty.  She has a love like no other, a heart larger than the universe. Poor gal is under the weather, having a hard time standing up, breathing and sometimes just making sense.
I craved Mexican food when pregnant and look at him.
Yep, I feel like that at times too sweetie.

A warm owl on a cold morning.

Harper's new shoes after trying a bite of chicken with breading on it.
Seems small but those who have dealt with food issues and children know what a HUGE step that is HUGE.  She only threw up once at the table and kept the second bite down.
BIG. HUGE. We are hoping for more answers this Spring as to why the food issues and all the illnesses.
We sent a big care package to our cousin Gracie in Colorado who we love and miss terribly.
If he takes a bottle, he is still a baby right?  Our plans were to go to a cup when we switched to milk but as we learned long ago, we need to be flexible with 'plans'.  With his milk allergy, we had to start with touching his lips with the milk then waiting 15 minutes.  After that, we gave an ounce in a bottle since he was used to drinking out of one.  The next day, we gave another ounce in a bottle.  For 10 days, we gave milk in a bottle slowly mixed with formula and straight.  Now, he loves his milk in a bottle.  He doesn't drink many a day and he is only one so we have decided not to pull the plug just yet.  His allergist said it would be easier as well if for some reason we have to go back on Nutramigen or rice milk.  Either way, we are going to enjoy these last little bit of bottles in our house.  
Amazing how much all children grow in a year.
We have been looking at houses any chance we have.
These girls.
Sweet baby.
Oh Huddy buddy.
Beautiful, lovely HG.
Lunch time.
One year old and oh the messes he can make.
Hudson couldn't keep his eyes open swinging.
He loved it!
The kids love Taylor!

We are finally allowing him to walk around outside.  The concrete scares me and I have no desire to compete with Harper and her CT scans.
And she is off..........
This sums up our car rides.  Hudson was i one of Harper's carseats and he HATES being forward. Hates it. He is backwards again now and happy as a lark.

Bounce house love.

Girl scouts is always a blast.

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