Monday, February 9, 2015

Hudson is ONE

We had a small, family birthday party for Hudson on his 1st Birthday.  It was a nice change from our typical larger parties.  it seems that with each child, the days and years go by faster.  We are cherishing every single moment of this last bit as a baby.  If he takes a bottle, will he still be a baby?

 He is such a trooper and loves his sisters. Harper and Hudson fight a lot but are basically the same size. 26.4 pounds to 29.8 pounds and 31.5 inches to 35 inches. 

A long awaited all night sleep happened. We have tried everything under the sun to make it happen. Imagine your baby crying it out for three hours nightly waking your entire house. Never the same three hours, sometimes only one hour and sometimes 6 hours. Seriously, something was going on. It was our second visit to the doctor about it and we ran a food allergy blood test. With the egg allergy, a lot of things are brown rice but the majority are gluten free items that he eats if it isn't fresh. Thankfully, everything came back clear that we were worried about. He has been accepted as a patient at a big sleep clinic here but it is a fairly good wait to get in.  That gives them time to review his case, medical history, my pregnancy, etc.  We are all praying that by the time his appointment comes around, he will have out grown this ordeal.

Words you say:
Hailey (you yell this allllllll day)
Bye bye
Thank you
Baba (bottle)
No no

Your favorites foods
Milk (Nutramigen)
Multi grain Cheerios (you won't eat the others)
Blueberry brown rice waffles
Blueberries, raspberries, purple grapes, cuties and bananas
Brown rice pasta w/sauce
Sweet potatoes (loaded!)

Harper picked out the decorations and decorated with very little help.

The kids had pictures taken in early January with Poppy by Tiffany Baker Photography in Texarkana.  She got this one of Hudson for his 1st Birthday and we can not wait to see more.

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