Sunday, October 30, 2011


This weekend flew by.
You would think it would drag on with 2 hours of sleep last night.
Not straight, adding it all up equaled 2 hours.
But these babies are worth it.

I still haven't decided if Harper will be anything tomorrow.
Kind of last minute I know.
I have an outfit for her.
A Ballerina.
But it will most likely be too cold for that.
We shall see.
I waited too long to get any cute sleepers.
HG keeps going back and forth from her Tangled outfit to Cheerleader to Taylor Swift today.

We will miss Mia not being here this week.
My Aunt and Toni are coming over so we are looking forward to that.
I'm sure my dad will end up here as well this weekend.

HG went to the in laws yesterday while the husband was at work.
Harper and I were due for pizza and a visit as well.
Unfortunately, a quick trip to Walmart did me in.
I just found the Vito's pizza in the fridge though.
How on earth did I not see that this morning?
Wonder how well it will sit with m crazy headache and Wendy's.

We had lunch with my Aunt and Cousin at OTB in Irving today.
We hadn't been to OTB in years.
Like 4 or 5 years probably.
So many better choices but in all honestly, it wasn't bad.
The little one wanted chips and salsa.
Aunt Susie and Caroline brought her so many gifts.
They are so good to little HG.
And Harper finally has a newborn sleep sack/swaddle.
It is in the dryer as I type.
HG has been helping with the laundry tonight.

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