Friday, October 28, 2011

catching up

I need to blog more.
I just haven't found the time.
I have lots of pictures and things to blog about.
Between the girls, the husband, family here, nursing, cracked nipples that required an antibiotic, cleaning, school, errands, cooking, doctor appointments, etc. I barely have time to think.
I over did it this past week.
I am not supposed to carry anything besides the baby the first 2 weeks.
Then nothing over 10 pounds for the next 4 weeks.
So pretty much a total of 6 weeks, carrying nothing over 10 pounds unless baby is.
I have to remind myself and those around me that I just had a major surgery.
C sections cut through so much.
People forget that.
I forget that.
It takes at least 6 weeks to recover well enough for normal daily activities.
Big set back in my recovery this weekend.
Hoping after a few days of resting, I will be better.
I had to run to Walmart tonight.
It was not one of those thing that could wait.
I had to have advil, toliet paper and pads.
See, three things I could not live with out.
I wanted to lay down on the floor and cry while there.
I was hurting just so dang bad.
This recovery isn't a breeze.
Buying pads are so out of my league.
I just stared.

Here are a few pictures to leave you with.
I hope to down load more pictures this week.
You know.......since I will be resting more and spending lots of time in bed.
My doctor and I are pretty close and I assure you he'd be pretty upset with me if I didn't.
So here is to more resting in the bed, catching up on my shows and eating lots of Halloween cookies and candies.

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