Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Weekly update

Sorry, no pictures.
The husband downloaded a new anti virus on the lap top this week and I can't save or download any picture.
Yep, very hot about it.
Hopefully he can work on it this weekend.
I mean since I can't sneak out for a new lap top and all.
Not that I would do that.

We are all doing good.
HG's allergies are still in full force.
The ragweed is crazy high here.
No idea if that is triggering it or not.
Mine are acting up a little.
The husband's for sure.

Baby Harper is doing good.
She has slowed down in her growth.
My placenta isn't giving her all the nutrition she needs.
But, she is still growing at a slower pace.
Her head and brain still gets all the nutrition it needs then what is left over goes to the rest of her body.
Her belly measured 2 days more than it did nearly two weeks ago.
It is okay, she was measuring ahead 2 weeks ago.
Now, just what she should week wise.
Except her head, it is over full term.
So we might have an itty bitty baby on our hands soon.
With a big ole head.
We can handle the smallness.
The cuteness.
We just pray she comes out kicking and screaming, breathing on her own and very little NICU time.
Delivery is a day to day thing for us.
My dr's are prepared to pull the plug at many minute.
I've been scheduled more than once.
I never eat until after my scans.
Not even a sip of water.
They have been very low and they have been low.
Today, was a low day.
It is hovering around low.
3 cm above cut off.
It still amazes me that 3 CENTIMETERS will make such a difference.
My doctor seems to think this weekend.
Ehhh, me not so much after todays scan.
I'm betting Monday or Tuesday.
I have a cut off date, the longest they will let me go up and down in fluid.
It isn't too far off but still seems like forever sitting up here daily.
We weren't going to switch from Lovenox to Heparin.
I didn't with HG.
But, they (doctors) are so worried it is going to be a fast one day decision like it was with HG and heparin can be reversed if needed.
Not sure I like that risk though.
Also, it only has a 12 hour life span.
So after stressing for 12 solid hours today, I survive my first shot.
The needle was tiny.
Ittiy bitty.
There was so much to push in though.
And again in the morning.
Good times.
So worth it in the long run.
I keep telling myself that in a month, we'll look back and this will be in our past.
Both baby girls will be home and healthy.
We will be in the process (or soon to be) of moving into a house.
(You know it is bad when your own 3 year old is asking for a house)
This has been beyond challenging.
Words can't really explain it.
The husband has been great playing Mr Mom.
HG is really the one suffering and it breaks my heart.
She doesn't fully understand.
She wants to stay with me all day every day.
My room is tiny.
She gets bored.
Stir crazy.
I want her here all day too though.
I have some super fun things scheduled for her in December and late November to make it up to her.
I counted 6 weeks from my last day they will let me go and started to schedule.
She'll need a little HG special time for sure.
the husband and her are planning a welcome home party with just the 4 of us.
Tangled cupcakes, flowers, balloons and food.
Not sure what food, a request by HG.
But it is something exciting she can look forward to and talk about.

That is all we can really update right now.
I hope I can post some cute pictures soon.
I try to keep Facebook updated because so many people are asking.
Thank you are all the prayers.
Thursday marks 4 weeks.
Sunday 1 month.

Did you see where Sprint gets the IPhone next week?
Yep, I've been awaiting patiently for it.
I'm talking years.
Being patient
No one in my family can live with out their iPhones.
Not just my siblings.
We have Sprint.
The husband wasn't sure if he wanted to switch.
Our plan is much cheaper.
I've been with them since 1995 and he the same or longer.
The day before it was announce, I ordered another touch screen.
My screen finally gave out and have needed one since early Spring.
Personally, I wanted to cry and throw a fit when the husband let me know about the iPhone.
Just our luck huh?
Now, I think it is May before I can get one.
Maybe by May I'll decide I don't want one or I can talk to whomever on my IPad.
Doubtful. :)

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  1. It's just so crazy that you've been in the hospital for almost a month. Girl, I am praying for you so much, everyday.

    Our allergies are horrible right now. It's awful. Sorry you guys are having bad ones too!