Friday, October 7, 2011


Just a few pictures to share.
Yahoo is still not allowing for downloaded pictures on the laptop.
Our gmail account will.

This taco salad was one of the best ever.
Maybe it was the fact I had gone 4 weeks without Mexican food.
Either way, I ate every last bit of it.
Including the delicious shell.
oh my goodness it was good.
Two girls stopped by to comment on how big it was and how surprised they were I could finish it.

If you are missing pieces for your Operation game, might want to check HG's belly button.

She is her mother's child.

My mirror was dirty.

She cleaned it right up.

Notice the McDonald's.

She wanted butter noodles and chicken.

She loves her grilled chicken and buttered pasta.

See the excitement?

Poor baby wasn't feeling well.

Hopefully she is on the mend now.

If not, back to dr p on Monday.

It is really hard to get good pictures of the baby right now.

No fluid means it is blurry, like real blurry.

This is from Monday.

She still had a pocket of fluid by her head.

Today, there was no fluid by her face.

Poor baby!

I'm allowed on wheel chair rides.

20-30 minutes only.

Or we'd wheel right on over to Target.

HG loves taking them.

Typically, she rides with me since we can both fit.

But she loves pushing daddy to put it up.

Yeah, we kind of own this place.

I had a good day today.

We thought we were going to deliver this afternoon but Harper is hanging in there.

My fluid is still 3 cm above where she has to be delivered.

This afternoon, I was treated to Chick Fil A, a milk shake and some goodies from my mother in law.

It was a nice surprise.

I don't think I've ever had the peach milk shake from there.

I don't do much dairy but it sure was good.

Funny how I can handle dairy better during pregnancy.

My nursing tanks from Target also arrived today.

I am excited to toss my yucky ones from HG.

Now, the husband is on his way up here.

We'll hang out for a bit before I turn into a pumpkin.

Tomorrow is a new day.

We've been getting bets on when this little one will arrive.

Every where from today to Halloween.

Wouldn't everyone like to know?

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