Saturday, October 1, 2011


Oh I love having my baby girl home.

She did not want to leave the hospital.

I wanna stay with mommy.

We played with play doh for 2 hrs 20 minutes today.

Goodness that girl loves some play doh.

Ice cream sundaes, pizza and cakes.

Kind of like throw up cake with all the mixture of colors.

I sent her with a pink rose.

She loves flowers.

She would tell me what to make and I would make it.

At a squirrel and a lion, I told her to give me a break and stick with easy ones.

I'm not the most crafty person alive.

Goodness, I love that little perky profile.

I wonder constantly if Harper will look like HG.

There is nothing wrong with my hair sticking up.

Why does she enjoy the floor so much? ick!

The husband helped with the hair issue.

Imagine how many people have put that on their head.

yuk! Out one side.

In one side.

I ordered my SIL this book.
So funny, should arrive on Tuesday I think.

We had Chick Fil A for lunch.

Baby girl likes the grilled chicken sandwich like her momma.

Sometimes she will get a kids meal still.

Texas A&M threw away the game once again after half time.

HG was yelling Woooo Pig Sooooooie.

It was pretty funny.

The hospital was quiet as a mouse this morning and most of the afternoon.

Except for nursing students.

Goodness, those nervous soon to be RN's doing clinicals.

It is stirring now, not sure if that means a busy night.

My dr will be back tomorrow.

I can't wait.

Seriously, can't wait.

HG is hanging at Grandmommy's tonight while the husband works.

He is staying there with them, just easier that way.

He is working a mile from their house.

Makes for a lonely evening around here though.

Lifetime Movies.



I hear the hostess outside, they feed us at crazy times.

Dinner is always at 5.



I have a lot of crafts but no scissors or glue gun.

And two bags of autumn mix, not plain candy corn.

I think between the little one and I, we finished half of one bag.

I like the plain.

She likes the pumpkins and the chocolate ones.

Have a great night.


  1. thinking about you!!!

    Speaking of candy corn- lol - I ate almost a whole bag today! :/ Kent found the *almost* empty sack in the trash can and almost sh** a brick! HA! He calculated it.... want to guess how many grams of sugar I consumed?....1000! EEEK! Our friend that is a nutritionist says to stay around 20-25 a DAY. Geez. I'm good for the month, now!

  2. Boyd always mixes the playdoh colors. My MIL gets mad at him, and I'm like, well he is only 3 years old, and really, who cares. haha. :))

    HG looks cute in all of the pictures. Glad you are doing well and hanging in there. Prayers still coming your way.